Latte bug on start

Hello community I always had this problem: When start my computer the wallpaper is bugged, sometimes I can see black lines on random parts in screen. I am sure than latte is the cause because when it finish to load the wallpaper and system works fine. Also when I remove latte on autostart this error don't aappear.Any solution to fix that?

kindly provide the output of inxi -Faz in a proper format


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A few "hints", since there are a lot of threads about this point:

  1. Delay autostart
    Desktop is empty with no dock or hotbar 2 - #11 by lindsm
  2. Configuration tips
    psifidotos: Latte Dock v0.10.1 | Bug Fix Release
  3. Most importantly, an important fix is upcoming
    Latte-dock freezing randomly - #42 by psifidotos
  1. and this is important, previously when Latte was starting and user had enabled Borderless maximized windows, latte was triggering a kwin restart/reconfigure with every latte startup, this is not needed any more. The fix is part of v0.10.4

I use the second hint and works fine

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