Lags on LibreWolf while playing chess

Hi! I've got an issue very similar to this one #1551
I see terrible lag while moving pieces on

I've followed the steps described (removed distribution.ini file from /usr/lib/librewolf/distribution), but it didn't work.
Also there seem to be no trackingprotection-cryptomining line.

Do I need to disable something somewhere else?


LibreWolf 86.0 (64-bit)

Not sure why the topic was marked as "Unsupported Software"'. I installed fresh garuda-dr460nized-linux-zen-210225.iso, LibreWolf comes as the default browser.

It comes also with konsole, kate and ...
But that are not apps from Garuda.

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Its possible that this web application uses some technology which Librewolf takes care of (to be expected imo) , Id suggest to report this at Librewolf GitLab if its important to you. Or just use another browser to play the game.

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