Keyboard shortcuts not working on specific Application installed

The problem is with libre office, Kate and the applications with Onboard.
It's used as a on screen keyboard and used to insert words while typing on manually clicking.

Installed from

sudo pacman -S onboard

Refered link before downloading

It has some problems while using keyboard shortcuts

It sucks when typing some keyboard shortcuts

While I was trying to type in italics Ctrl + I It won't made fonts itallic

Also it on pressing F11 it shows Ambiguous shortcut
=> In Libre office it's actually used to display Slidebar deck

In the text editor kate it stop showing suggestions after Auto filling of texts

After closing Onboard it works fine

If it's system fault please fix that it really waste a lot of time


Any other solution

First of all, this might be the problem in the onboard itself. You should ask its devs for help.

Secondly, why are you even using it if you have physical keyboard?


I use it because of a old keyboard num lock , scroll lock keys won't work, they are important to me and use it for inserting bigger words

I'm actually experimenting with the old machine
I know that the machine barely support Garuda Dr460nized than windows 10 or 11
Hoping that keyboard and some other parts won't work well

The PC has abdoned for years and I want to use it completely
Some how I managed to dual boot with win 7 and it performs good without much lags

It has all minimum requirements of 4GiB memory and +30 GiB storage

:desktop_computer: DESKTOP DETAILS
CPU - Intel CPU G230 @ 3.00 GHz (Pentium 4)
Graphic - Mesa DRI Intel HD graphics 2500

This video made on same machine

IDK the price for them in India but free delivery and return included in Germany (incl. fee/tax) € 10.25


Nonetheless, contact Onboard.



I had even slower processor, G2020, prior to laptop that I bought very recently (HP Omen en1036ax) on this New Year.

Although Dr460nized works perfectly fine, I would suggest some lighter DE like Cinnamon or Xfce for that hardware.

And as @SGS suggested, buy a new keyboard. They are really cheap, and will save you a lot of issues. You can grab a decent one under $4 or $5.



Im checking onboard web and I will correct myself and If any corrections are made I will report it

It's worthy for touch screen devices

In future Users may switch to linux when they are using touch screen laptops will help them a lot !

Ok, as you wish.

I have found the best solutions among many results

It works well with Gnome apps like gedit text editor

On gedit it works fine use it rather than Kate

I think

It works because it's built for gnome
Use gedit to type flawless without pausing or closing onboard

Install gedit by

sudo pacman -S gedit

Refer before installation :link:

Alternative solutions


Florence virtual keyboard

ASCII Keyboard Art


                    *&                                                 &%                       
                    /&                                                 &&                       
                    /&    &.   &%  &&  /&   &   &/  &&  %&  ,&    &,   &&                       
                    /&    &&&&&&%  &&&&&&   &&&&&/  &&&&&&  ,&&&&&&,   &&                       
                    /&                                                 &&                       
                    /&    &&&&&&%  &&&&&&   &&&&&/  &&&&&&  ,&&&&&&,   &&                       
                    /&    &.   &%  &&  /&   &   &/  &&  %&  ,&    &,   &&                       
                    /&                                                 &&                       
                    /&    %&&&&&   ,&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&(   %&&&&%    &&                       
                    /&    &.   &%  &&                   %&  ,&    &,   &&                       
                    /&    &&&&&&#  &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&  ,&&&&&&,   &&                       
                    /&                                                 &&                       


Same topic is discussed here :arrow_down:

I kindly request to distro maintainers and developers to include any kind of virtual keyboard for all DE's in the next update :pray:

Please check for yourself where it is not included, since this issue is resolved, no developer is likely to come in here again.
If it is missing somewhere, you can then ask for addition in the appropriate areas

Issues & Assistance

KDE 3 times, Gnome, Xfce, Lxqt, Sway, BSPWM, Qtile and Wayfire.

Onboard is included in i3wm


missing pakage Onboard on

There is no very nice onscreen keyboard for KDE, afaik.
The best one is kvkbd, which is not very well maintained for Arch Linux.

Most of other editions already come with onboard. like Cinnamon, Xfce etc,


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