On Screen Accessibility Keyboard?

Is it possible to get an on screen keyboard for accessibility. I have a 2 in 1 laptop that I would like to use in tablet mode.

The touchscreen works fine but there is no keyboard.

I also have an issue after switching back from tablet mode where the touchpad stops working?
Any guidance would be appreciated

Hi try with virtual keyboard on the application launcher

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Hi, how do you access that?

The menu on top left (in KDE) has a field to type in text


Or just install onboard.


What is the application called. I couldn't find anything for "virtual keyboard"

You may want to forgive me.
I have exactly the onboard mentioned above.
Installed too long ago....


I suggest switching to Gnome for a better experience and consistency regarding touchscreen usage. In KDE, when using external monitor, it was always a mess to recalibrate the touch screen, though it was possible. In Gnome it was fluid.


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