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After a fresh installation of Garuda KDE Gaming Edition, the date and time have disappeared from the top bar. How do I get this visible again?

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Please always provide your garuda-inxi information, as required in the topic template.
There we can see a lot of things. E.g. is your system up-to-date? rebooted in case of recent update, etc.
A (possibly!) similar issue is here:

There are several good hints, e.g.:

Right click on the panel, select “Enter Edit Mode” and remove the “System Tray”. Then add the “System tray” widget again.
If that doesn’t work, then remove the whole panel and recreate it.

Re-apply the Dr460nized global theme (I’d do it with “Desktop and window layout” checked)


Check whether the plasmoid “Digital Clock” is shown as added.

If so, I’ll quote @filo who quoted me :slight_smile: :

If all of the suggestions mentioned don’t work, stick to the topic that @filo linked.


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