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The only thread talking about this exact problem that keeps me from using garuda, I can't play games or scroll websites without programs freezing for minutes at a time.

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To whom it may concern: Hello

So when I first installed Garuda (KDE Multimedia edition), everything was super fast and snappy. At some point, 2 months after install, I noticed some issues appearing, latte dock would crash often, UI became less responsive.
Now I often get the laggy UI issue and have confirmed it's almost always when there's writes to the root disk. The disk is a PCIE4 NVME SSD capable of 5GB/s, that was new when I first installed Garuda.
I set swappiness to 0 as I have 64GB RAM, but that did not fix it.
Cpu usage is normal during these laggy moments. I notice btrfs-cleaner being active with iotop, when doing writes. Even small writes such as downloading a torrent @ 500kB/s can cause some laggyness, like the Application Dashboard taking writing input with great delay, and taking ~10 seconds to show results. alt+tab usually works okay during these laggy moments, but switching apps with latte dock is impossible (it doesn't pop up in time). Doing heavy writes like moving files from one ssd to the / drive causes more serious lock-ups.

I had these kinds of issues with manjaro in the past, on a different PC, and no idea what caused them or how to fix except doing a clean install. Please help me debug this.

I've tried resetting settings, a fresh install, different drives, disabling cgroups, disabling quotas, balancing (balancing causes it to happen), It has something to do with disk writing, any time there's lots of writing like syncthing, compressing or extracting, downloading stuff, etc.


and post

inxi -Fxxxza

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Even if you personally think it is unnecessary.

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DId you try other kernel, hardware is very fresh :wink:

Much more useful than your last post when you actually now list the fixes you have tested.

I do not see your inxi output on your new thread as I requested in your last post.

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