[KDE] How to completely install a different language

Also how do i completely install the spanish language? I installed Garuda in spanish but some parts of the system are still in english.

Which ones?


Stuff like the shutdown prompt, some default applications and the browser to give an example

I just tested it, all preinstalled standard applications are in Spanish. Only the Garuda tools are in English.

If by browser you mean the Firedragon, it can’t be switched to Spanish at the moment (it doesn’t work with German either).

Logoff screen:

Found the change language option after a bit of fiddling. Also another issue i have regarding a recent backdoor exploit regarding xz tools, Garuda seems to include the affected versions, is there a way to downgrade it to a safe version?

If you have xz version 5.6.1-3 installed, then you are safe.

Next time please post your garuda-inxi as requested.

btw: one issue per topic :wink:


But when i did xz --version it reported 5.6.1 with nothing else

pacman -Qs xz
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This is not a solution. Post the way to solution, please.


Firedragon is currently only in English, someone else requested the ability to have other languages and we agree with that, but so far no one opened an issue on gitlab for this. Due to that, we keep forgetting as it is not yet very high on our list.

The more people open an issue on this on gitlab (see above link), the faster it will be worked on. That doesn’t mean it will be available quick, we do not know yet the work involved in including other languages, but at least something could get started.

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It is now!