Firedragon Now Blazes with 27 Languages!

You read that right!

The Garuda team is thrilled to announce that Firedragon, your favorite web browser, now supports a staggering 27 languages! This means you can explore the web in your native tongue or discover new cultures through the written word.

HUGE credits to @stefanwimmer128 who included Floorp’s locales in Firedragon’s builds. :heart:

Our goal is to make Firedragon accessible to everyone, regardless of their language. With 27 languages now on board, we’re one step closer to achieving that goal.

To change the Language, simply follow the below screenshots:

So, what language will you set sail with on your next web adventure?

On top of that, Firedragon is now available as a binary package! If you are not using Chaotic-AUR repo, the binary package will allow installing Firedragon without the need to compile anything!

And another step closer to making it accessible to everyone. Even more package formats are on the work for later release.


Keep up the amazing work!


Shame it wants a fresh profile EVERYTIME there is a update to it.

Where does it “wants” that? I never needed a new profile since Floorp.


Everytime there is a update it flat out states that a fresh profile is preferred and will be done automatically.

If you’re talking about the msg during the pacman update, it is about to be removed.
We needed to let enough time for people to update from the old Librewolf to Floorp. I believe now is more than enough, yes!

But then again it’s just a msg, if you ignore it nothing will happen to your profile. :slight_smile:


But I only need one language.



Then you should have worded it different, cause it does clearly state that the removal of any profile will be automatically removed. I for one avoided setting up firedragon at all because of that message, and I’m sure I’m far from the only one.