KDE-git edition coordination

Recently, the idea of a KDE-git edition popped up. To get plan this better, ideas should go into this thread to discuss them together :slight_smile:

Topics that were brought up so far:

  • Missing symbols in -git packages will require packaging changes
  • Some apps like dolphin-git or kate-git are currently not built against -git libraries, which would be preferable (how to eventually ship both?)
  • Maintenance would be done by @alexjp in collaboration with IslandC0der

I'd be happy to help as much as I can :slight_smile:


Me too :wink:


C for Community :slight_smile:




btw I have been trying to mess with the garuda tools for building iso's.

There seems to be some issues:

prepare_profile seems not found? ( line 22 )
get_yaml not found also ( line 39 )

( I posted the this original message on the wrong topic, deleted the message there )

Make sure to update the tools to the latest version, there was an issue in a previous version :eyes:


Thanks, I pacman -Syu again after reading your post and it updated.

which is super weird, because I am doing this on a vm which was recreated about 2 hours or so ago ( I just saved a snapshot of clean post installation, so I can reproduce the steps or startover again and again ) , and installed the -git versions.

anyway , working :slight_smile: Thanks !


well so far I managed to do a kde-barebones-git.

worked fine with git versions in iso.

Gonna try doing it on dragonfire edition and see if any problem appears.

( I am going to leave dealing with PKGBUILDS in the next stage )


Me to, installation went fine too, but had to comment out kde-unstable repo to get rolling


That keyring is the arch kde package dev. (Antonio Rojas is who makes the kde packages on arch). Should be installed by default.

I then moved on to a dragonized clone. Didn't spent much time on barebones. was just more of a test. Because I want to come up with a list of missing packages for dragonfire and islandcoder.

There are some little details with dragonized edition and kde git though :frowning:


Well how do I get it manually?

So now I am concentrating on dragonized version and kde-git.

Maybe the dragonized style can be kept on kde-git, since so far its working well.

Some issues:

  • breeze-icons-git and latte-dock-git conflict because of latte-dock's icon
  • partition-manager-git installs kpmcore-git , which then conflits when buildiso tries to install kpmcore
  • I suspect that is because I don't run the garuda assistant after update, but its necessary to do a pacman-key --populate . tray icon garuda app with "fix keyring" doesn't fix it also.

strangelly, it doesn't have the bugs that I had when I tried it the last time on my live garuda system. Will have a go at it latter tonight after doing some snapshots ( on the live system, i mean. I am installing the kde-git iso into a qemu vm ).

@dr460nf1r3 Do you mind if I try to create an iso that installs kde-git-meta, instead of only the git versions of what dragonized edition installs ? ( or maybe try to create a kde-git-base-meta , so that its not so bloated ?? )

( again posted this on the wrong page ... damn i am dumb )


This started happening today. In which package should the icon actually reside? I can ix this easily.

Which package pulls in the non-git kpmcore?

This would probably be preferred, as we would have a lot of git/non-git mixed kf5/plasma packages otherwise? :eyes: I created the metapkg for this purpose. PKGBUILD is located here and can be easily adjusted for base-meta, which I think is a good idea to have.

Are you by chance facing this bug as well?


good question. Can the PKGBUILD on lattedock be made to check if the icon is already present and only install if not ?

will check out which one it is.

How does one use custom PKGBUILDS for buildiso (replacing the normal ones) ? I would like to try customizing some and test.

Yes, but I suspecting it should be either an easy fix (some ~/.config file or ~/.cache issue) or kde bug report. .... I hope .... :slight_smile: ( applying another color ( even if the same ) fix it, but restarting happens again.... ) will try to fix it later tonight !

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Also happens for regular dark breeze, so probably the latter.


It will happen from time to time, kde git breaking either theming or latte-dock.

Its not common, but probably happens.

Dunno if we should try to keep the styles the same, possibly only going more "vanilla" when everything breaks, or "just go vanilla and not worry".
Also maybe this is a non issue, because if its a kde bug, its just a matter of reporting it and they fixing it :slight_smile: I mean ... using kde-git ... one has to learn to live with bugs :slight_smile: ( ...cof cof even using kde-not-git ... cof cof )

btw, here are my changes to the Package-Desktop file:

these should be the kf5 packages missing git packages:

And these should be the plasma files missing git packages:

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If this is intended as an "edge" edition then it should be vanilla. No custom theming, no Latte, etc. This way it can be used for testing KDE and as a barebones option too.


Is it ok to try to mimick latte's behaviour, but with "normal standard kde panel's" ?
I did this sometimes ( when latte didn't work with kde git )... its not the same usuability, not really, but kinda works


I am not completly sure, but I would bet its ntfs-3g.
Unfortunately, its also being pulled in by calamaris* packages ( ntfs-3g, i mean )

How do you go about fixing this? saying kpmcore-git provides kpmcore? it already doesn :frowning: AUR (en) - kpmcore-git

EDIT: confirmed!

without calamares, calamares-branding-garuda and ntfs-3g, there is no kpmcore conflict

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