Just a big thank you for the nice OS

I just wanted to thank the Garuda team for the nice OS.

I installed it yesterday and it performs just as I wanted. Plus I really appreciate the effort to provide tools to make maintenance easier. I’m not a “pro” with Linux yet and these tools really help.

Have a wonderful day.


I agree, especially for Garuda Assistant. It’s the most helpful tool that I’ve found from any Arch-based distribution, and makes my life so much easier when keeping my computer maintained. It just has so many options and lets you change a bunch of things that would otherwise require a command line. An awesome tool :slight_smile:


The command line doesn’t have to be something to be afraid of, quite the opposite.
Once you learn the basics, write faster than open an application :laughing:
yay it’s a great tool!


Agreed! It’s just so pleasant to use Garuda: The work put into making it look so polished and just feel nice to use really matters.

I don’t want to have to fight my OS like I do with Windows, and I don’t want to do a lot of work to use it like some other distros require. I just want a pleasant, attractive stock install experience and Garuda delivers.



Yes, very much thank you for the best and now longest experience I’ve had using Linux after 20 years of aborted attempts to escape that other OS. Garuda is consistently impressive and fantastically stable for such a bleeding edge rolling distro. I am very much at home here now and can’t see me needing to move…ever.

I also very much appreciate the GUI tools available. I do use the CLI - have installed Yakuake so a console is available to me with a simple hotkey - but that’s a long slow climb learning the arcane syntactical spells for each function, whereas a GUI exposes everything within nested menus and activates via click. Swings and roundabouts: I’m glad for both being available in Garuda.

cloaks again


Welcome to the Garuda community @ThermalLance, and thank you for the complementary words of appreciation. :wave:



ive installed others Desktop Enviroments too but the best for me is the DRAGONIZED and HYPRLAND and it works fine=)

i tested many Distros or was Distro hoping byt i stand over few years to garuda =)

WELL DONE @ GARUDA TEAM and Forum helpers =)


Thank you for your kind message!

I’m not a LinuxPro but I’m very experienced with it and I still enjoy the comfort as you do.
I’ve started my 2nd years with Garuda on my PC and it is as fast and nice as at the first day. In this way I’d like to extend your positive post.

To my friends, I’m not “lost or gone”, I’m just very busy with IRL and I’m currently involved in several projects, some of them are work on my Computer some of them are very crafty. In either way I’ve great tools, since Garuda also shines in performance heavy tasks.

Best regards,

Bruce :shark:


Garuda has sure become my favourite OS, though i have encountered a few issues now with my GTX 4080 card, it has overall been a stable operating system.



I also agree, it’s the best distro!
Since I met it, despite having tried many others, it is still the best by far.
I hope it continues like this and I thank the team for their great job.


Yeah, this distro is by FAR my favourite.
1: its arch, and the install is easy :smiley:
2: it looks absolutely gorgeous
3: preloaded with EVERYTHING i need to play my games.

This team made the perfect distro for me, and i couldn’t be happier!


I just got my 62 year old mother on the Garuda train. My family doesn’t like what Microsoft is doing. She doesn’t use her computer for much other then email, browsing the web, looking at videos from youtube and bitchute, document writing, spread sheets, keeping a time table, telegram, and maybe the occasional game of solitaire once in awhile.

It’s been a process getting someone not very technically incline to get this far. I had to do many steps:

  1. Got her off the Edge browser and onto Brave
  2. Had to get her to transition from Microsoft Outlook to Thunderbird
  3. Had to help her use Telegram
  4. Had to assist in using KeePassXC for her passwords rather then have 5 passwords written down on sheets of paper

At that point she was use to using these applications already. Then 2 weeks ago, put in a brand new NVMe drive to slap Garuda with XFCE on, put on LUKs, put those applications on which she was use to. Loaded on LibreOffice for most things. Loaded OnlyOffice for PDF edits. Got the printers/scanner working. Made the desktop look simple and boring as you can ever imagine to look as close to Windows 2000 as possible, which is what she needs. Then she just took off with it, didn’t even notice much of any difference to what she was already doing.

Now she’s happy that Microsoft has no intrusive AI on her system, no updates that she doesn’t trust, the laptop doesn’t get very hot when you let it idle for over an hour, and most of her stuff is generally inching towards better personal security.

I even got a person in my HAM radio groups to really enjoy Garuda. The Garuda trend is really spreading all around me.


What is this “distro hopping” you speak of? Never heard of it.

For real, started with Garuda after researching, love it, staying with it. A big thanks to everyone who made it happen, plus all of the “little” helpers. Cheers.


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