It is not clear to me which distro is Garuda Linux "Spotted Eagle" (210507)

I am not downloading on win or apple machine, so will save and burn bootable iso. It is not clear to me which distro is Garuda Linux "Spotted Eagle" (210507) :slight_smile:

I presume it is "" is that correct?

So "" is only for people who want to stay on the old dr460nized.?

P.S. FYI my old Garuda machine (Lenovo) got its hard drive melted by putting it into hibernate instead of sleep. Now I will try again. (I have Mint installed on my other machine but I am too much in love with Beauty Line to stay away and of course have other attachments to Garuda lol!)

P.S.S. I couldn't get proton vpn to run on the Garuda. It installed and opened but the server selection dialog would not work. Someone pls let me know if they want to work on that or another vpn install on Garuda.

I dont really understand the question?

There is only "dr460nized", not old or new :smiley: If you want dr460nized, go with it. If you want another edition simply select another iso.

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They are all Garuda Linux, just separate editions depending on the Desktop Environment (KDE Plasma, GNOME, Xfce, etc.), or Window Manager (i3, BPSWM, etc.). They all represent the Garuda Linux distribution, as-a-whole, and all have the same underlying Arch Linux base.



It is like

Android Nougat, Android Marshmallow, Android Lollipop ...


Mint 18.04, 19.10, 20.04 ...

The operating system is the same, but always slightly improved :smiley:
But on Garuda Linux you only need to update your system, no need to "flash" or "install" new.


LOL thx - I had to replace the hard drive lol so there is nothing left to upgrade lol - i favor the dragon so will go with that but both are dated 210507 (luckily it got reviewed on LBRY so I heard about it)

(putting lenovo laptop into hibernate melted the hdd)

Thanks for those clarifications! @dr460nf1r3 @c00ter @SGS
I wanted to make sure I had the correct iso file I desired - I have been away from Garuda for a couple of months since my old garuda machine hdd failed, and you guys have been busy in the meantime so I was not up to date. Congratulations and thanks for the new release!!!


Installing now from freshly burned ISO and installation script is also much more streamlined than last time I installed from scratch (2020). Last time I only had 4GB RAM and swapped to 8GB when replacing the HDD, and it is running slick!

Thanks @dr460nf1r3 & @SGS I am psyched and getting the rush now (30% installed only lol .. wait till it runs lol) :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:

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Mirror selection dialog & list update was so smooth and small aesthetic touches are so gorgeous! I love how the brightness increases in the duration timeline task indicator!

Wiki also looks really nice - I loved the short clip for AUR mirror editing (@dr460nf1r3 ) - everything looks really slick! Great job well done!


Wait how tf does hibernate melt hdd- like is it not safe?

It was an old hdd but it could of also got hacked. I don't know how it happened. But sleep and shutdown were not problematic. Maybe I left the hibernation too long / but it never woke up. I even got a usb kit for the drive to try reviving it, and have not yet succeeded!