Issues with garuda installation

Hi i have tried several times to install Garuda but i keep getting this error. I have created an entirely new boot partition with 500MB of free space but this error keeps appearing. I have multiple OS on my PC including windows and Solus.

Thanks for the help.


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Thanks for the information but i am not willing yet to delete my entire hard drive, any other thing i can do to solve this grub issue?

It is all in the error message.


Here's the top entry from google?


Check that you have enough space on your boot partion->
exit staus 1-=Could not prepare Boot variable -> No space left on decice on your boot partition

If your boot partion have enough space left, you should try :
In that case you got errors during the Garuda Setup, Reboot your system and Restart Garuda Setup and next time choose manual partitioning add boot :negative_squared_cross_mark: flag for sda...-->your boot partition and / (root) :negative_squared_cross_mark: for sda... btrfs -->Garuda Partition!


IIRC Calamares cannot handle non-default $esp partition.
But you have to clarify if your entirely new boot partition with 500MB of free space is/was intended and assigned as $esp(/boot/efi) or /boot and mounted as such in the installation process (manually?).

Give details about how you had setup your partitioning scheme for Garuda installation, so we get where the real issue is.