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I am trying to install Garuda Dargon linux on my VM machine, but it gets stuck with the process - A start job is running for LiveMedia MHWD Script
I tried with Dargon edition, the gaming edition, Gnome edition, but it hangs at the same place.
I am able to install other distros on the VMware & facing this issue only with Garuda.
I noticed another post in this forum - Link but in my case my system is running on a recent processor.
I notice a difference in the Welcome to Garuda screen, for me I get 2 options boot with nvidia drivers or with open source drivers, but on youtube I notice the option which others get is Boot: Garuda.x86_64 dr460nized. Since this is my first post, I cant upload pictures.
Can anyone advise what I need to do to complete this installation?

Garuda linux doesnt support installation in VMS at least it isn't made for it.

If it works great, if it doesn't, meh

ALso it takes 1 minute 30 seconds average on my system so expect it to take some time on a VM.

Secondly the 2 boot options are completly fine and intended.


At my end, the step gets stuck for hours together. I know it is not meant for VM, but wanted to check first so installing on VM.
I checked quite many videos on youtube & they faced no such issue while installing on VM.

It sounds like you have the setting wrong in vmware

May i know what specs you are providing to your VM?

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Memory - 16gb
Processor - 4
Hard Disk - 100 gb
Network Adapter - NAT
USB controller - present
Sound card, Printer, Display - Auto detect

You are providing 16GB ram to your VM. My days thats a lot what are your actual specs and what is the VHD type is it dynamic or static.

Secondly its probably mroe suitied in unsupported cateogary

THirdly I am gonna need a lot more information like what is the BIOS kind of your VM which software you are using for the VM your actual specs, Have you checked the checksum of ur ISO, are you selecting the open source drivers for boot? How much VRAM have you alloted to your VM

My suspicion is the issue is with NVIDIA drivers. I checked this video - Link but when I check the parameters, the setting mentioned in the video is already there.
I have a 64gb ram, the bios is what is provided with ASUS MAXIMUS HERO ALPHA series (version nos. not aware need to check). I have a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 card.
As for the VM, I do not know much, for I just use it to test the distro. First time I am getting such an issue.

Which boot option did u select open source or nvidia?

Use open source your VM doesn't provide your real GPU to the distro but a Virtual one so use open source drivers

your vmware setting are wrong

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Why not use the live environment provided in the installation media of garuda try it out before install


which setting is wrong?

both boot options end up with the same issue. When I click on the Play VM, I do not see an option to use the Live Environment, am I missing something?

No boot your actual PC from the installation USB flashed with the ISO and you get a working PC where you can try how will it look after installing and not really install it.

A installer is included if you feel like installing


Yes just boot the usb
As for your other question with your setting of your vmware is
1 you need network to be bridged so to pass through the network card
2 are you booting in uefi or bios mode
3 and many orthers

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ok thanks, will try this option.

Did you try it?

While I appreciate everyone's good intentions to help this user, this is beyond the scope of our forum. Not only does the user know VM's are not supported with Garuda, the OP doesn't even know how to set up the VM properly.

It is not our job to teach users how to configure a VM properly so that they can then only complain that Garuda doesn't work in their VM. This is to be understood from the outset. I think you've recieved plenty of assistance to this point for what is already understood to be an unsupported installation method.

I think this issue is due to be put to bed. It is not our job to teach how to set up a VM on the Garuda forum.


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