Issue with boot linux zen

Suddenly I had this error when i opened my laptop I pressed any key and it just kept restarting
So i tried to boot from the flash usb to get to garuda boot repair and in didn't work also so how to fix this?

Did you search the error you received on the forum?

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Didn't found old topic about it

you need to load the kernel first

^^^ Search seems to work fine for me!

Also, in the future please do not post a picture of a one line error message.


Upon searching your past topics, I see you have already been cautioned about this by another moderator on your last post on our forum.

After you posted this:

You were also informed by another moderator:

And again you were warned when you posted:

You are not making a good impression with moderators on our forum so far. You also provided no background information whatsoever about your DE or hardware. Is this the same hardware and DE as was reported on the thread of yours below?

Are you still running Garuda BlackArch?
If so, you were also already informed:

@Avatar_Tech, Please improve your posting habits on our forum, if you wish to receive continued assistance here.