Is Garuda using a customised version of Firefox?

I'm asking because won't let me sign in. It says my browser is "unusual". I have to use Brave. Likewise, I can't log into my ebay account. Ebay makes me prove I'm not a bot by solving a little puzzle. On Garuda Firefox the puzzle graphic is blank. I must use a different browser to sign in. I only have these two Firefox problems when using Garuda. Firefox works fine on other operating systems.

I'm also new here, however, I think the issue you're having could be because of the preinstalled extensions in Firefox. I think the most likely culprit would be "uBlock Origin". Hope this helps

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Thanks. I'll try that.

I am also facing a similar kind of problem with Google meet. After entering a meeting the whole webpage goes blank. Tried reinstalling but the problem persists.

Disabling this extension isn't working for me. :cry:

Disabling ublock didn't help. I uninstalled Firefox and installed vanilla Firefox for Arch from the AUR, but it wouldn't start. I caved and reinstalled Firefox from pacman and I'm right back where I started.

I would suggest installing chromium / chrome / brave and check if its Firefox only problem.

Brave browser has no issues. Ditto for Seamonkey browser. This is a Firefox issue.

This is due to privacy tweaks that we do to firefox

Those websites must be doing shady things


Is there some way to bypass those tweaks for certain websites? Like in my case - Google Meet

privacy.resistFingerprinting set it to false

And expose yourself to google

In firefox about:config


We use these about:config changes as default:

Explanations on every value concerning privacy can be found here, very well documented:

Its probably the WebRTC settings which needs to be changed:

/*** [SECTION 2000]: MEDIA / CAMERA / MIC ***/
user_pref("_user.js.parrot", "2000 syntax error: the parrot's snuffed it!");
/* 2001: disable WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication)
 * [SETUP-WEB] WebRTC can leak your IP address from behind your VPN, but if this is not
 * in your threat model, and you want Real-Time Communication, this is the pref for you
 * [1] ***/
user_pref("media.peerconnection.enabled", false);
/* 2002: limit WebRTC IP leaks if using WebRTC
 * In FF70+ these settings match Mode 4 (Mode 3 in older versions), see [3]
 * [TEST]
 * [1],1297416,1452713
 * [2]
 * [3] ***/
user_pref("", true);
user_pref("", true); // [FF51+]
user_pref("", true); // [FF70+]

Changes need to be made in /usr/lib/firefox/distribution.ini or /usr/lib/firefox/distribution/distribution.ini depending on which Firefox version is installed.
Other browsers not using these locations are not affected because they dont load their settings from this file :slight_smile:
Btw, its not the whole user.js which is taken, just things that dont break usual browsing or inconvenience :smiley:


You can also create a new Firefox profile which starts without any defaults. For example, run in a terminal:

firefox -P

and it will show you its profile manager, and from there you can create and manage profiles.


I also find in firefox that copy and paste functions both with keyboard shortcuts and mouse clicking do not always work. Some websites work better than others.

ngl even if I don't like the included extensions that come with FF on Garuda I absolutely LOVE the ootb flags, aside from the WebRTC ones, which I unfortunately need for online meetings, it spares me the work of doing all of them by myself

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/* 2212: limit events that can cause a popup [SETUP-WEB]
 * default is "change click dblclick auxclick mouseup pointerup notificationclick reset submit touchend contextmenu" ***/
user_pref("dom.popup_allowed_events", "click dblclick");
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I am sorry but I don't know what to do with this. Or how to make a change. I appreciate your quick and knowledgeable response though.

/* 2212: limit events that can cause a popup [SETUP-WEB]

  • default is "change click dblclick auxclick mouseup pointerup notificationclick reset submit touchend contextmenu" ***/
    user_pref("dom.popup_allowed_events", "click dblclick");

Well we could possibly disable the tweaks concerning WebRTC & the doubleclick events I guess since that seems to cause some confusion


also fingerprinting tweak

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the only webRTC related tweak that causes any issues for me is the media.peerconnection.enabled, I think leaving the other ones as is won't do any harm, and the fingerprinting ones are complicated, I really wish firefox went with the brave approach and let users change theses settings individually for each site instead of a just "shields on - shields off" approach

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