Is Garuda the best distro ? Or there is someone else

Hey I’ve used quite few distros covering all of the desktop environments.
These include Debian, Ubuntu, Elementary, Mint, POP OS! (the ones considered nub proof) but when i converted my religion to linux i choose Garuda as its cool looking and it has a version with gaming in my name.
But recently its getting harder and harder for me to run wine applications *prob due to my skill
And also whenever i update it just shows kernel not found
So, Auto-Snapshotting helped me a lot.

However, recently i decided to run a few virtual machines for me to check whether there is another distro that i can finally compare to Garuda’s prime Dragonized Form. Endeavour OS came out on top and then Deepin, Deepin was disappointing but Endeavour wasn’t, however i had to use the command line to get AUR pkgs, Or i just couldn’t find octopi.
I also use Elementary OS on a different machine and nowadays it’s just used to navigate, install pkgs, do operations and run mainly windows applications. I was able to install all my pirated games and other mods which have setup.exe very easily on elementary which is making me think whether to switch to an Ubuntu based distro, which also has the power of running .deb files without hassle

Isn’t this completely your own choice? Use whatever you like. No one else should dictate your choices. Explore and find them on your own.


So, is Garuda the best distro objectively?

No. Because there isn’t one. Linux OSs often focus on particular use cases. They don’t compare outside those parameters.

Unlike certain other OSs (Looking at you, Win and Mac) Linux OSs never try to be a panacea. Besides, a jack of all trades is a master of none.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, isn’t it?

Arch: For the freedom to make it mine.
Garuda: Because it feels like it was made for me.

Quite the quandary, huh?

Oh! And welcome to the forums.


Whatever issues you’re experiencing with Wine you’ll probably experience on other distros, maybe even moreso on others. At the end of the day, best distro is subjective to your own wants, needs, and experiences. Endeavour is similar to Garuda but with less things pre-installed and pre-tweaked pretty much. Just stay away from Manjaro :rofl:


Is Garuda the best distro?




For me it is, and will be for long, as I love the work and spirit!
Now everyone may have different needs!


Not my favourite but definitely top 3 I would say. It is an amazing distro!


I still Distro hop on a spare machine. I’ve not found anything better than Garuda yet.


I think Windows is the best distro. I’m not even sure what Garuda is, I only have an account here because I was trying to sign up for free cloud storage.

Where is my free cloud storage?

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Oh wait I just realised, I didn’t even properly answer the question. You asked about someone else, so I can confirm that Steve Jobs is the best distro. :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark:


Which is you favourite and why?

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This one is the hottest best distro ever !!!



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CachyOS. I love Garuda and still use it here and there but Cachy has a much higher focus on optimisation making it run a lot faster and smoother. But Garuda is amazing and has lots of good defaults and custom made software. Personally I install Cachy for the optimisation purposes and then add some Garuda software like Btrfs assistant etc and add the custom fish configs and a few other bits and pieces that make Garuda special. That way I have a bit of a hybrid between the two


CachyOS is also great, it’s just pursuing a different goal than Garuda. Especially the kernel builds are something I’m also using on my installation :grin:


Yeah for sure. I used to always use their kernel on Garuda. Both have their unique points and strengths. Garuda has a lot bundled in a lot of custom made tools and features and customisation. Cachy is much more stock Arch but with more optimisations. I’d consider Cachy more like Endeavour than Garuda but a more heavily optimised Endeavour. Cachy and Garuda combined though is my perfect distro tbh


Does Cachyos have btrfs snapshotting capabilities?
Can’t you just add Cachyos repos to Garuda for their optimised software.
I use their v3 compiled (some CPU gen stuff) software repos and instead of the default arch repos provided here in Garuda.

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Yeah , I was using cachyOS repo in garuda , but recently switched to linux-tkg-pds-genericV3

Working better for me in my hardware :smiley:

Actually PDS schedular always worked for my workflow just “V3” was the thing that was missing

And other thing is that it doesn’t need downgrade tons of package on my system :grin:

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We use what work best for the masses.
I personally always had problems with it, even the zen kernel in conjunction with Nvidia GPU’s occasionally makes trouble.
But no one is forced to use the supplied kernel, that’s the beauty of Linux, isn’t it?


That’s true.
Actually I was asking this to @Grimy1928.

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