Is Dual Booting Good?

I'm currently using Garuda Linux, dual booted with Windows... Is it ok to install both the OS in save harddrive ?? i was hoping to install both OS in separate SSDs .... Am I doing something wrong ???


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actually i make videos on Linux and edit them on windows... so i was thinking to switch to SSD as my HDD sometimes unable to take high load, and dual booting on SSD is not ok... so though why not use two ssds

You can install an OS in any configuration you feel like.

Some would say having them on separate disks is better.

It comes down to personal preference and your specific use-case, and you're the only one who knows those things.


right... just to be sure before doing a blunder, its good to get suggestions from experienced people... so this forum is the best place where i get my answers :fire: :fire: :fire:

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I boot Garuda, MX, and Windows on my M.2 SSD. I have a 2TB conventional HDD formatted exFAT as bulk storage for all three OSs. I've never had any trouble with this multi-boot setup. Be sure to install Windows first and then Linux. That way Linux can take over the efi boot partition. GRUB plays nice with Windows, but Windows won't play nice with Linux. Let Linux install GRUB and it will work fine.


i see... either way i have to change the hdd as it may fail anytime soon... but will keep in mind what you said

@anon56724355, please be sure to read as much about dual-booting with Windows as you can, and what to do should it break on you. Many of us have learned through bitter experience that dual-booting should be avoided if possible.

Guard your data.



i wouldn't suggest it you should just use an external SSD

The guys that have been around a long time will tell you life's too short for messing with dual booting. It leads to nothing but issues, and unless you're experienced with managing them it always gets dumped on the distro for support.

If you do have resultant problems because of your multi-boot setup I wouldn't count on a lot of support on the forum. A lot of people including myself consider this a Windoze related issue and simply ignore dual boot help requests.

One of the few people who may come to your assistance is @petsam who joined on as a Mod this week. He's pretty good at dealing with these types of issues, but he's only one person (so I'm pretty sure he won't feel like dealing with every broken install from all the Windows users by himself).

Generally, many people including myself (and many others who won't say so publicly) feel if you insist on running Windows with Linux you better be capable of fixing things yourself, because we won't treat self inflicted injuries created by running M$.

Good luck with you multi-boot adventures, and be sure to do backups (cause you're gonna need them).


I installed 2 linux distros on my ssd and one windows was already there on the hdd. General rule of thumb is you install windows first, then install linux anywhere and install bootloader on master boot record of the same drive where windows is. You can have the OS anywhere but if you want to choose OS in grub you have to install bootloader in MBR of the same drive windows is on. Then you have to check whether windows is using bios or uefi and choose the same when installing linux. Also if it's possible to format hard drive/SSD to gpt it would be good.


All the dual booting problems you hear about originate with Windows - but that doesn't mean it's a problem necessarily. As long as Windows doesn't control anything but itself, you're OK. :grin:

What this means is that it is best if you have a plan beforehand, partition as you need before hand (500mb EFI, Win partition, Linux parition(s) - then install Windows, then Linux - so that Linux maintains control of the boot process. Espeially with a UEFI/GPT setup, it doesn't matter how many partitions you have (if they are big enough) - for instance I have 2XGaruda, 1 Arch, 1 EndeavourOS and a Xubuntu on my SSD - and the data on a separate spinner - and 0 problems with it...

As for Windows - a VM handles that if I need it!


valueable... i use windows for editing stuffs like d'vinci resolve and premiere pro and use linux as main os... and all my files are either in external drive or cloud... not here for support as i'm experienced with dual booting but sometimes have 2nd thoughts because of some unexperiendced people constantly nagging useless opinions... most interesting one i heard was dualbooting causes motherboard overheating which is baseless....

here just for an expert advise... and you guys are best on it... thanx and lots of respect :muscle: :muscle:

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Well - I have actually being multi-booting on PC's since about 1996 (386 processor days) - and on Amigas, C128s, and even CP/M/Apple ][ dual boots before that! The only real downside is the waiting....


What makes Garuda grade is that it allows you to go to your UEFI settings for you to switch your boot order so yeah id recommend it

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A setting in KDE gives you another option to do so, as well. :slight_smile:


What i've duel booted for years no problems Most do not do research 1st that is why they have problems I have multiple Linux Windows and mac on my comp all play fine together


I'm by no means saying competent experienced users can't manage Multi-booting. Unfortunately, most new users to Garuda aren't quite at your experience level.

What ends up happening in many cases is a newbie with no idea what they are doing simply installs a second OS without any research or knowledge about the complexities.

Then all too frequently one or more of their OS's boot is broken. Then inevitably the support issue is dumped on Garuda to fix their boot.

My personal opinion is if you want to run a half dozen OS's on your box go ahead and fill your boots. Just don't come crying to Garuda when a breakage occurs because it's not our job to fix a bad Windows update that nukes your Linux install or vice versa.

We don't have a super experienced user such as @gohlip on the forum who loves to fix inexperienced users boot problems. No one here has the time or inclination to want to deal with regular help requests from users that melted down their system by Multi-booting.

What's even worse is these same inexperienced users that install multiple OS's with no knowledge of what they're doing, are also the ones least likely to perform backups beforehand.

So they melt down their computer, are unable to access their data, then come crying to the forum like it's our responsibility to fix the mess they created. We'll it's not our responsibility, and if they can't recover their boot and data themselves Garuda is the one they always blame.

Well you know the old saying @mandog, when you point the finger at someone else there's always 4 pointing back at you. :smile:

I know you are not going to be the one crying for help on the forum about a broken boot @mandog. Us old dogs are too old school and believe in self reliance and self accountability. The younger generations seem to have lost those traits, and that is why I caution those think of attempting this that if you broke it you bought it.

Best of the season to you and your loved ones @mandog.


tschuldigung aber das erste was ich dazu sagen kann dual boot under a installed win 10 soweit ich weiß ist unmöglich

weil win 1o uefi verhindert eine installattion von 2 systemen aber das ist nur meine erfahrung vielleicht lieg ich da nur falsch

aber einer installation auf verschiedenen medien (hdds) steht nix im wege

nur musst du vielleicht deine boot options einstellen

sorry but the first thing i can say dual boot under an installed win 10 as far as i know is impossible

because win 1o uefi prevents an installattion of 2 systems but that's just my experience maybe i'm just wrong

but there is nothing to prevent an installation on different media (hdds)

only maybe you have to set your boot options

greetings nickschecka

That is what I said I just wanted to make it clear Duel booting can be done thats all

Same to you
We will be back in full lockdown in a few days.