Installing Garuda on ASUS nVidia Laptops

Hey. I thought some people with ASUS laptops using nVidia GPUs may benefit from what I found trying to configure it. Arch in general has always been a pain to install on these laptops (I have a Strix Scar III and a Zephyrus S17), but I found some simple steps to get it working quickly.

  1. When you boot the install USB, select the nVidia driver option, press "e" to edit and edit the "linux" line where is says "driver=" to "driver=mesa". This will allow you to boot the live OS successfully.

  2. Install as normal, nothing special.

  3. When you reboot and Grub comes up, again press "e" to edit the default option. On the "linux" line, at the end, add "nomodeset 3", which will allow you to boot directly to a terminal, no GUI.

  4. Once you are in the terminal, login and run "sudo garuda-update" to do all the updates. When complete, before you reboot do "sudo pacman -S nvidia-dkms" and when that is done, "sudo pacman -S optimus-manager" and then finally "sudo pacman -S optimus-manager-qt".

  5. Reboot and all should be good. I suggest though always using nVidia only mode if you have an external display, otherwise these laptops get really annoying. With the internal screen only though, they are fine.

Hopefully that helps someone.


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