Installation Failure

BIOS is Asus. I have secure boot disabled. I am really not sure why I am getting this error. I had a problem in the past trying to install Manjaro on this system on an external USB SSD.

Arch is installed on the NVME just fine, though.

I'd really like to give Garuda a shot, though.

do what is written.


Try manually creating the partitions with partitionmanager or gparted :thinking:


So, yeah. Have done that. But, would like to know how and why this is an issue for future reference. Why can't my system take a calamares auto partition + install? For some reason it cannot get to my efi from my arch install. So whenever I need to have mkinitcpio or grub mkconfig ran, it hangs when it sees the kernels from my other install. I am leaning towards removing my Arch install. But would like to know the deal with this.

Recently, I had the same problem. I was installing Garuda on a machine with only one small partition. I thought the installer will figure it out, it did not. I asked on here and got the same answer you have received. So, you have the live ISO on a stick. Run the live version and there is a partition program. Run it, make sure your target is unmounted, then make your partition. That process did not take along and as soon as completed, I just clicked the Install button.

@dr460nf1r3 Maybe a note needs to be placed somewhere about this.


Face it, auto partitioners are great for a single system install, but once you get into more complicated partition configurations there's no replacing human decision making (yet).

Calamares is not advanced to the point that it will be able to handle complex, or even semi-complex partition arrangements yet.

Basically if you're doing anything besides a full disk single OS (Garuda) install then you're best to do it yourself.

As always, YMMV and be sure to backup your data first.*

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You are right about this, will add it to the wiki soon :raised_hands:


I really like the fact that I got replies from numerous Garuda Team members. It really shows your dedication to the distro, and also shows you want to help new users. Thank you all for that. I am in no means an expert on any of this. I could have very well done manual partitions as I always do when installing Arch using fdisk and mkfs. But, part of the appeal of Garuda for me is the installer! Sure, I really don't need to use Calamares. The ease of installation is not the only reason I came to your distro. I've been paying attention on YouTube and DistroWatch, and the gaming + btrfs features are what sealed the deal on bringing me over. I was really happy when I booted the installer media for the first time and saw that chaotic was enabled by default. I am a long time xanmod user and all my installs for the past 8 months or so get chaotic from the start. All that being said -When I have an issue running the installer, it'd be nice if we tried to go for a proper diagnosis, rather than "read the docs" and "partition it yourself". Please don't take this as me being rude. I am saying this as someone new to the distro, someone who is not an expert, and someone who wants to help.

Cheers. Thanks again.

P.S. I removed my Arch partitions and am really happy with this system build so far. Everything works amazingly so far. I will have more feedback and questions on a couple slight issues soon after some more testing. Thank You.


You nailed it; same here. Even blanking the disk didn't work. Seems to me I said eff it and preformatted the whole shebang: 1 MB unformatted partition, 300 MB EFI in FAT32, the rest in BTRFS.

Calamares is just being persnickety. Us old dogs got old tricks. Now if I could just remember my name...


The problem is all the suggestions in the world posted on the Garuda forum will really have little impact on effecting changes. The reason for that is, the Calamares installer is an independent project that Garuda is not affiliated with in any way.

Many different distros use Calames as their installer, and I've always done the partitioning myself in most cases on any distro that uses Calamares. Same with most installers really, not saying they aren't up to the task in all cases. I just feel this is one aspect I'd rather be making the decisions myself.

Regardless, the real point is that Garuda doesn't develop Calamares. We are simply an end user like many other distros. Calamares has been afflicted by it's share of bugs over the years, but they are slowly being worked out. Calamares is a great installer, but automatically installing semi complicated partition schemes isn't one of its strengths IMO.

It's still one of the best installers out there, so I guess we kind of have to accept the good with the bad. That is unless some super coder steps forward to help their project fix some of these issues. Unfortunately that's not going to be me, because my coding skills are way rusty, and they were never that great in the first place. :confounded: