Install xdg-desktop-portal-gtk in KDE Plasma versions by default to fix weird looking font rendering of gtk apps in KDE plasma versions

Poor font rendering in GTK apps on KDE plasma can be fixed like that according to the arch wiki. So I think that it would be great if that could be installed by default in the upcoming release perhaps.

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Install the pkg, then run:
$ /usr/lib/xdg-desktop-portal --replace

Not a bad suggestion, @Pupvert . :+1:


This sounds like a pretty good suggestion. I wonder though, does this entirely replace the KDE portal?

edit: it actually also fixes the ugly fonts when running Firefox (forks) in Wayland mode! and it does not seem to replace the KDE portal, so lets go for it!

edit 2: also added it to garuda-dr460nized deps so everyone profits automatically.


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