Information for KDE users - KDE 6 available in Arch repos

In case anyone is using protonvpn fyi it seems like the protonvpn GUI takes some time to sync. Trying to use it after the new updates would throw on the kill switch and appear to have the connection, but the network connection would not open through the secure core.

Rebooting after the updates, then also connecting the vpn using protonvpn-cli from the command line, seemed to do the trick in getting their python modules coordinated with the KDE.

I also noticed the geo location agent is not running automatically anymore, which I didn’t like and had not noticed effects from manually turning it off, so it looks like it got removed from the default startup apps. (THANK YOU) So that may have had something to do with the vpn getting running properly.

This is just my initial operational observations. I did not do any thorough systematic testing as such.

Lenovo Thinkpad Fn key quirk
I also noticed that after the new roll outs that the toggle for the fn key lock looks like it is on backwards/reversed on my old but good Lenovo Thinkpad. I.e., to adjust sound volume, brightness, etc., the fn key lock has to be ON vs. OFF. Everything works so I am grateful for that.

FYI Destination Linux has a full show dedicated to the new Plasma