IMPORTANT! uninstalled system packages

i was trying to install wireplumber-git. but as wireplumber was conflicting i removed that package from octopi. octopi asked about some dependencies (around 12 packages that will be removed with that) i let them go default and i think now i have removed some important packages. more over i can't still install wireplumber-git. again re-installing wireplumber didn't fix cause it doesn't install those associated packages.
i can say one of those package were "dragonized...." something like that so i think i removed os files.
how can i tell? well the top bar of all windows are vanished. just the body. and all interface looks like old as 90's.
see the the bar where close, minimize etc. options should be, doesn't exist. and my octopi looks like old school computer. what packages i removed? i dont know.
any way to install all garuda system packages? or check logs or whatever
os: garuda gaming kde
inxi -faz: Carrot inxi -Faz

edit: retried installing wireplumber-git, and succeed.

Look in /var/log/pacman.log and see what it removed. Start at the end of the file and go backwards until you find those entries.

As a side note, you probably shouldn't just accept a bunch of package removals without fully understanding the impact.


there are two types of log entry

  1. [2021-12-02T08:18:04+0600] [ALPM] removed kwin (5.23.3-1)
  2. [2021-12-02T08:18:04+0600] [ALPM-SCRIPTLET] Removed /etc/systemd/user/pipewire-session-manager.service.

first one is normal package name i can re-intstall but what do to with alpm-scriptlet?

If you're replacing a package with an alternative version where dependencies will be broken with the initial removal, but satisfied by the alternative then:
pacman -Rdd for the initial removal "can" be your friend. It doesn't do all the dependency checks.
Of course, if you're wrong that the dependencies will be satisfied by the alternative, you'll have issues. Backups / snapshots and research are your friends.

Nothing, that should be reversed when you reinstall the package.

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thanks all. everything is fine. i just wanna say, timeshift svcks, it's auto backup is not working idk why. i will switched to something else.

Snapshots do not by default include settings or config files stored in the users home directory.

If you have modified of deleted any user config files manually, or through the install/uninstall process the changes are not likely to be restored with a snapshot.

If you wish your users configuration to be automatically backed up and easily restorable you are best to use a dedicated backup utility specifically designed for this purpose. One such utility for automatic home directory backup is Back In Time. You may want to test out a dedicated backup utility like this if you desire the ability to auto backup and restore your user configs.


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