I want to buy a new laptop and i'm on tight budget

I found 2 laptops that fit my budget and my needs :

  1. Dell Vostro 3520 Intel Core i5-1235U : https://www.amazon.com/Dell-Vostro-3520-Business-i7-1195G7/dp/B0CN7B21KS?th=1
    2 ) Lenovo IdeaPad 14, AMD Ryzen 5 5500U : https://www.amazon.com/Lenovo-IdeaPad-Processor-Graphics-82KT00AMUS/dp/B0CKXYYDRW?th=1
    which one would you recommend ?
    if you have other options feel free to mention them .
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I wouldn’t really hesitate on the IdeaPad given those 2, but I do feel like it should be a slightly lower price. Don’t be shy to link any others you might be considering.

If you plan to game with iGPU, then consider something with 7000 series Ryzen, there’s a big generational difference.


I prefer to use AMD but I do not see any issue with either laptop.

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for arch linux hardware compatibility.

There must be more, just search about.

Me too, my AMD notebook is much better then the intel one.


I did my research , availability isn’t the best where i live , the dell has better upgrade options i plan on adding a 1 TB hdd for storage , the i5 has AV1 decoding and higher single score speeds which matter more for web browsing which i’m gonna be mainly doing .

In my eyes, there’s no comparison. AMD has up to 200% power efficiency, so easier to keep fans silent.

Desktop CPU:


True AMD efficiency is so much better but is it as effcient running a linux distro ?

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First check if everything is compatible, my Intel part has a fingerprint reader that is not yet supported by Linux.
Then you have to see what you want to use this notebook for, two graphics cards?
Just for gaming?
just for surfing and Libreoffice?

In the end, nobody will be able to help you here because there are too many open variables.


As far as I know, yes.

AMD has kernel drivers for both CPU and GPU.

Since laptops can be more picky on linux, internet search the concrete hardware for potential problems!

In the past ~10 years, Lenovo has had good support on Thinpad, so there’s that.


I want to find more options in the same price range before choosing one.

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intel drivers are also open source.

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Does it have to be a notebook?
My old 3770K processor from 2007 is better than many a new notebook, the main problem is the heat development.
My Intel notebook gets hot as shit every time I start it up under M$, even though it was actually designed for that. I only run it to check for BIOS updates. Linux runs much better. :slight_smile:


I think a budget desktop is worth considering. You can get high quality components for this money.

A 16 Thread ryzen + some budget GPU … A setup that will last you for a decade. Desktop units are more robust and more reliable in the long term + easier to repair.

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Ideally i would have gotten a desktop but i need portability because i’m a student .

You would be much better served upgrading to 2tb NVMe than a 1tb HDD, the price difference isn’t worth it when going 4tb+. After all, we are in 2024 now :stuck_out_tongue:

So do the 6000/7000 series Ryzen.

Yes, it’s overall efficiency, not just in one task. Here’s a good example of how efficiency is determined:

This will be a common struggle, you shouldn’t count on a functional fingerprint scanner on any modern laptop with Linux sadly. You will be pleasantly surprised if you can make one function, and the probability of it being usable is much higher with Lenovo than any others.

Absolutely. If you’re going to (or have the physical ability to) upgrade the storage or RAM, then consider a cheaper ‘base spec’ laptop and add $100 for a nice 2TB NVMe and maybe ~$30 to double memory.


I kept a powerful PC in my dorm that was always on, and had a cheap laptop used only to remotely access the desktop and type notes. It worked very well for me. Wouldn’t necessarily discount the possibility.


that asus oled is amazing sadly it’s double the price of the ideapad in my country

I had a problem with the ASUS GPU in a notebook back in 2006, but it looks like I shouldn’t have bought a Yoga Lenovo 2 years ago. You’re always smarter afterwards. Maybe a refurbish Lenovo thinkpad (IBM) is a possibility?

As a student, you have no time for playing games :smiley:

i have plenty of time :rofl:

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Then get a(nother) job and buy high-end hardware, ya lazy student bum! :rofl:

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Great system, you get the true exposure and knowledge of world that you need (but don’t get through schools), but this doesn’t work in my country. We’re too shielded lol!

Every student thinks that, too relatable! :joy: