I want to buy a new laptop and i'm on tight budget

I settled on this laptop Asus vivobook S16 ryzen 5600H https://www.asus.com/laptops/for-home/vivobook/vivobook-s-16x-m5602-amd-ryzen-5000-series/techspec/
if anyone has tried it with linux let me know what to expect before i do the purchase .



In moment not listed.

yeah i noticed

At the moment i have using “Lenovo IdeapadGaming 3 with 32GB of RAM and +2TB SSD on top of 500GB main one
Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 5600H with Radeon Graphics 3.30 GHz”
inside is change RAM - because come with 12GB and add 1x 2TB SSD.
Been using in hardly for gaming since new :smiley: and not have problem with it (it`s already on 2 years)
In my country this cost me around 1200euro + upgrades more 150-200 euro


thank you

Great choice, looking forward to a follow-up post here about how well it’s working or any bumps along the way :smile:


there was a major discount on that asus , sadly it’s out of stock after a day , i’m gonna wait for the next discount.

Another one:

(not perfect, Nvidia GPU. Can cause problems with Wayland)

Yeah… Best choice is with AMD integrate graphics.


4 Proper core and 8 Threads are plenty on laptop.


thank you but all of these aren’t available in my country , blame my third world country .

Your location isn’t public… If you link some sites that you can buy from, there’s a chance for better recommendations.


I’m guessing Algeria.

i’m from tunisia

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this is the store with the lowest prices that i could find available in tunisia
it’s in french though
there are a few more websites


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I thought the selection in the US was bad sometimes, but it’s as if this is from another world. I can hardly find things to recommend at all. I tried a conversion from USD, so hopefully these are generally near budget? It could make sense to consider used if it’s still too much. Is there an eBay equivalent there?


yeah it’s awful .
there’s cava.tn roughly an e bay alternative

i like that ideapad , i hope there’s a slot for another 8 gb of ram

One thing about Lenovo laptops (at least budget ones) is that they are too delicate. Keep their screens open under a full speed ceiling fans and the display shakes like a f’n curtain!
I don’t see this issue with my uncle’s Dell or Acer laptops.

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