I need help with Manual Partitioning


I have nearly installed garuda on my new laptop but for some reason, I can only choose manual partitioning. All my space is clear.

Can someone help me by recommending me what and how much of partitions. I have no idea what partitions I need and how much GB each. I'm sorry, I am very new to Linux.

My specs, I have 119.24GB SSD free space.

I have 8GB RAM


i5 10th gen

Oh I got an error while installing

"Installation Failed

The installer failed to create partition disk (my internal SSD)


Create a new partition (118.95 GiB, btrfs) on '/dev/nvme0n1'

Job: Create new partition on device '/Dev/nvme0n1'"

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Actually you do in part. When you downloaded the ISO some of the answers to those questions were right up the top of the page :slight_smile:

Now for more details, it is a minimum of 30Gb of BTRFS partition and 300megs for the EFI/ESP partition, if you choose UEFI/GPT. Otherwise for BIOS/MBR the entire disk can be used in btrfs.


Wait sorry, I lost what you said.

I have no idea what is what. Should I do MBR or GPT?

And then what partions are required to be made?

What files system?

What Mount point?

Are you saying that you are stuck on partition part of the garuda installer?

If yes than try to reboot on usb stick again.
And then try again
This is a common problem i also usually face but rebooting without removing USB 99% of the time helped me :slightly_smiling_face:


I'm stuck at the partitioning set up in the garuda installer.

Sure, then what after the reboot?

After rebooting you will probably have other options for automatic installation too

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Omg, you're a legend!!! I see the other options!!! Thanks

Which one do I pick, I want on garuda on this laptop, I'm not dual booting.

I tried erasing disk yesterday and my laptop ran out of battery, so I see 300mb of nvme and 118.95GB of Garuda Linux. Should I erase disk or something else?

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As you are not dual booting then you should choose that disk and select for erase the whole disk and install garuda

(i am assuming that you don't have any personal data in that disk)

Nope, it's a fresh laptop, so no data, so if I choose erase disk it will do the thing automatically?

Yes, after that let the installer do it by itself

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Thanks man, you're a life saver mate.

God bless you friend!


Oh I got an error while installing

"Installation Failed

The installer failed to create partition disk (my internal SSD)


Create a new partition (118.95 GiB, btrfs) on '/dev/nvme0n1'

Job: Create new partition on device '/Dev/nvme0n1'"

Only option is close, and when I try installing garuda again, it only shows manual again.

Did you removed the older partition which was made by garuda installer previously?
If not then completely format the disk and try again
Sometimes it may be neither your fault or pc fault so just try again

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No, didn't remove it. How do I format the disk on garuda?

When you are in live boot then search 'disk' in appmenu and format from there

I searched disk but I don't know what to press to format it

First tell me is there any partition showing in it named something like UEFI or something?
if yes then select that and click on minus sign below in it
if not then just try again to install ....
(if this is also not working then I am sorry
may be garuda devs can help you )

I see 3 partitions

Unallocated (Type: unknown Size 1MiB)

/dev/nvme0n1p1 (Type: fat32 Label: No label Size: 300 MiB Used: 4.00KiB)

/Dev/nvme0n1p1 (Type: btrfs Partiton Label: root Size: 118.95GiB Used:8.02GiB)

Can't do any more replies because I'm a new user so I'm gonna edit my reply here:

Okay, removed both of them

I now just have one partition

Unallocated (Type: unknown Size: 119.24GiB Used: --)

When I mean by removed is that it says it under pending operations, so I hope that's correct

It's deleted, I'm gonna try installer again with erase disk option

Nope same error

Do you know how to do manual partitioning?

Oh, I pressed apply, I looked on YouTube but it didn't help. I might need to do manual partitioning but I don't know how much and what partitions I need.

Damn, no worries, you helped me anyone, do you know how I can contact the Devs?

remove these two..
And try again