I’m kinda sure that before the update, that box wasn’t that big…?

I’ve searched a little around this, found a bunch of other problems, but wasn’t quite sure this one warranted its own thread… so, this is one thing that became common place after the update:

I mean, I’m kinda sure that before the update, that box wasn’t that big…? (I’m right-clicking on a panel, btw) (edit 2: yeah, if I click elsewhere and then right-click again on the panel, it shows as it should, below)


Try replacing Kvantum with kvantum-git.

Looks ok on my end with normal kvantum, not the git version.


Nvidia? Wayland? X11?

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I can’t seems to find in this new Plasma where to have the title bar always visible, not integrate in the top panel (I prefer this way).
Is it in window rules or somewhere else?

nvidia x11. I wanted to try out wayland, but I couldn’t boot even the live usb of sway =( it hangs after a keyring or something like that loads

resolvendo dependências...
procurando pacotes conflitantes...
:: kvantum-git e kvantum estão em conflito. Remover kvantum? [s/N] s

Pacote (2)               Versão antiga  Versão nova               Diferença  Tamanho do download

kvantum                  1.0.10-3                                 -7,96 MiB
chaotic-aur/kvantum-git                 1.0.10.r52.ge1c4d44a-1     8,07 MiB             1,08 MiB

Tamanho total download:   1,08 MiB
Tamanho total instalado:  8,07 MiB
Alteração no tamanho:     0,11 MiB

:: Continuar a instalação? [S/n] s
:: Obtendo pacotes...
kvantum-git-1.0.10.r52.ge1c4d44a...  1107,5 KiB  1074 KiB/s 00:01 [------------------------------------] 100%
(1/1) verificando chaves no chaveiro                               [------------------------------------] 100%
(1/1) verificando integridade do pacote                            [------------------------------------] 100%
(1/1) carregando arquivos do pacote                                [------------------------------------] 100%
(1/1) verificando conflitos de arquivos                            [------------------------------------] 100%
erro: falha ao efetuar a transação (arquivos conflitantes)
kvantum-git: /usr/share/color-schemes/Kvantum.colors existe no sistema de arquivos (pertence a kvantum-qt5)
Ocorreram erros e, portanto, nenhum pacote foi atualizado.

I think that’s a well known error that can be understood despite language, right? =p

kvantum-git conflicted with kvantum-qt5 because of file /usr/share/color-schemes/Kvantum.colors

Sway takes extra configuration to boot with Nvidia. You must boot with open source drivers, or start Sway with sway --unsupported-gpu, even in the live environment. It’s a bit off-topic to get into it on this thread, but if you ever want to take another crack at it this is a how-to: Install Nvidia Drivers on Garuda Sway | Garuda Linux wiki

kvantum-qt5 has been gone from the Chaotic repo for a long time now ([Bug] kvantum-qt5-git fails to install · Issue #1511 · chaotic-aur/packages · GitHub). I recommend removing that package.

paru -R kvantum-qt5
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yeah, sorry I had tried that and forgot to add on the reply:

╰─λ paru -R kvantum-qt5
[sudo] senha para johnnyc:
verificando dependências...
erro: falha ao preparar a transação (não foi possível satisfazer as dependências)
:: a remoção de kvantum-qt5 quebra a dependência "kvantum-qt5" necessária por garuda-dr460nized

it says that kvantum-qt5 is needed for garuda-dr460nized and removing it would break that dependency

BTW, this is a clean install for dr460nized that I just downloaded from the site.

My mistake, it seems the package must be added back now. I had taken a look and it seemed to be gone:

❯ pacman -Sii kvantum-qt5
error: package 'kvantum-qt5' was not found

I was not up to date at the time though; it must have been added back recently. Now that I think of it, I think I knew that from another thread…:thinking:

Anyway, if you still want to test kvantum-git against that window size issue you can just overwrite the conflicting file.

sudo pacman -S kvantum-git --overwrite /usr/share/color-schemes/Kvantum.colors

This will allow you to keep both packages.

that seems to have done the trick, thanks as always Blu!

I’m gonna check out that other link for Hyprland on nvidia now =p

That link was for Sway on Nvidia; Hyprland on Nvidia will be this link instead: Nvidia | Hyprland Wiki

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oh. noes.

I clicked in the area marked in red. Look where it popped up :rofl:

One thing that I changed from before to now: taskbar is floating, it wasn’t before.

And to keep things weirder… when something on the display at the top is maximized (or aligned to the left or right), a weird “bar” appears at the top of the lower display.

“Bar” because it’s not really a bar, but instead it’s like a bar… that shows the desktop? First, normal behavior:

And then, when that settings window is right-aligned:

Can you see how there’s a part of the desktop eating the top of both Vivaldi windows on the lower display? Below the lower taskbar on the top display.

Which is also another problem… that taskbar should be on the lower display, not on the top one:

(edit) I feel stupid now. I switched them and now its as it should. :man_facepalming:

Transparency is borked, though… also, for a few clicks, no matter where I clicked, the popup will show in the middle of the top screen.

After a few clicks, it’s back as it should, transparency ok and position too… … AH, figured it out!! It happens when I right click on the desktop with something else being the focus!! If the focus is on the desktop, transparency and position show as it should:

If I keep focus on somewhere else… if on another display, it’ll show with transparency borked and positioned in the middle of the display. If the focus is on a window in the same display, just the position is weird. In the example below, I clicked on the dragon’s eye, with the focus on the window that’s showing.

I have to get out of this thread…


That’s not a surprise. Plasma 6 seems to have a major issue with rightclick context menu placement. Because of being forced to Wayland I had to reassign everything to their specific desktop again. When I’d rightclick their titlebar to get the menu for doing so it would appear nowhere near the open program window.

That was fixed with Plasma 6.0.1

the right-clicking? I’m stumbling across a whole lot of trouble, like…

This one got a workaround with Window Rules, but the performance takes a severe hit =(

Not completely, cause the update for Garuda that Arch pushed was 6.0.1. They never pushed 6.0 itself and I had some issues with the context menu locations.

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