I hate Garuda Linux

I once was an adventurous Linux user, happily switching from distro to distro trying to find a distro for me. From Ubuntu, to Mint, to Pop OS, to Manjaro. Eventually I stumbled here. I tried it out, and it was perfect, too perfect. Arch based, beautiful, so many flavors for different DEs and even WMs. Utilities and Garuda Assistant to help out newbies, a good forum where volunteers solve other peoples problems, keeps your privacy safe and everything is 100% free.
So what's wrong, you might ask? Everything. It is too good,too perfect, and it ENDS your will to leave. You won't be able to distro hop once you come here. You will be trapped, within its grasp, unable to ever leave. You won't be able to try new things, you will always come back here, you will be stuck with it forever.
And this distro ends all telemetry. What about those advertisers? Those poor, poor advertisers, not being able to fill your whole browser with ads, because this distro doesn't uses conventional browsers by default, It removes all ads by default. How else would the giant corporations be able to mind control you into using there products? How will they feed their families?
This distro is evil and ends all competition. I advise all newbies to NEVER try this distro out. Stay away, Garuda is becoming too powerful. Or else like me, and many others in this forum, you shall always be trapped here, never able to ever leave. Don't come here, use Windows 10 and be safe from this wretched land.


I'm glad that this hasn't touched ARM yet. :relieved:


You're preaching to the choir.


I installed Garuda KDE, along with three other partitions, on a 1 TB mechanical hard drive.
I love Garuda, and it will remain my main system, but the 3 "Garuda memorial minutes" were just too much for me in the long run.
So I created 50 GB of space on my 250 GB "Windows" SSD, hoping to shorten the boot time by 2 minutes.
Not even close. From the GRUB menu to ready for use 12 (twelve) seconds!

I am delighted!


Another one has fallen, now doomed to be trapped forever, never able to leave.


I guess I have to live with that.

On the other hand, Garuda KDE means almost limitless freedom.


First and for most I must thank @ExistingDude for his frank and honest description of Garuda, the courage it must have took to stand up to the evil developers. I wish I had read this

There should be warnings attached to Garuda to stop this evil from spreading. :grinning:


Shit breaks often and Optimus + windows VM combo can be a hassle, but at least it's usually fixed quite fast.

Biggest issue out of the gates is root partition filling up too quickly. Have to manually adjust some things like time shift and tune media servers to store data on different locations.

Other than that, very noob friendly.

Be realistic. I've read your phrase in about every Linux forum for the past twenty years or so.

Is Garuda good? Absolutely, but it's just Linux. What Garuda's developers have done, IMO, is to showcase what can be accomplished both operating system and decoration-wise. It's the shiny high-powered sports car or race horse of the Linux world.



If you want more out of the box eye-candy and newer packages -Garuda is a way to go (My Main system)
You want quick, stable system, without too often need to intervene yourself into the updates -Manjaro is your bet (My Backup system)

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:scream: :scream: :scream:

only unstable is stable :wink:


Not to belittle Manjaro, (because it is an excellent distribution), but they have their share of update breakages as well. Any rolling distribution will inevitably have update breakages, it's the price you pay for getting the latest and greatest fresh off the press.

At least Garuda with its timeshift/btrfs snapshot integration mitigates update issues so that they are not a severe problem for unsophisticated users. Timeshift can usually rescue a user from an update breakage without the user needing to have the skills required to perform a chroot repair.

This is what draws many to Garuda in the first place. Sure you can set up all that Garuda brings to the table yourself, but it takes a lot of know how to do so yourself.


When packages are held back it can create a partial upgrade scenario. And when a lot of them get held back, it can be a huge mess. That's what I've seen over and over again with you-know-what (not Voldemort).

However, Arch itself tends to not fall into that trap. There may sometimes be something small like maybe a dependency cycle, and their homepage will usually pre-warn users (if they care to look), somewhat similar to @jonathon's pinned stuff here.

That's why I'm pleased to see that Garuda rarely holds-back and has/is getting away from -git packages. I'm pretty sure @dr460nf1r3 & @librewish are pretty busy doing other stuff and could do without the worries. Garuda's own specialized scripts & tools may be enough, who knows?

I was so happy awhile back when @tbg told me about Garuda and invited me to join. It was awesome seeing what Arch was capable of becoming & doing in the hands of experts. It was thrilling then and the thrill continues.

Even if @mandog keeps following me around. I have no stew bones. :wink:


Tbh , to get the f**k out of windows ( pain in the ass ) , I decided to dual boot linux with windows. Searched for a good distro (good dm & run on low spec with decent performance) . Got struck on Garuda , especially for Dragonised . Downloaded. It was like a slap​:zipper_mouth_face:. Need to configure and personalise everything . But eventually loved it. The freedom over your system ( you can even make your pc waste by deleting every partition and install infamous partition table & encrypt it with help of live ) and the not nessasery hours of searching serial key,crack download without malware​:mask: and moreover programs with low storage space and better performance like shared library , logic of linux. :relieved:

Saw a post of water cooled microwave running on Linux😂

  • Also tried Ubuntu & linux mint *

how dare you i got here 1st and i'm after that damn Budgie


Yes, mandog was way ahead of the
curve and one of the very first to discover Garuda very shortly after it was first developed.

Good on you @mandog for knowing a good thing when you see one.


Heh its gonna be wimdoze 11 soon

I'm having technical issues. Currently using Linux Mint. The methodone clinic asked me to not come back yesterday.


Well if you're an Ubuntu user they must have refused you because they figured you already were already "down" enough.

They obviously didn't want to compound your problems any further.


Kick 'em when their down. That's the fun part.