I hate Garuda Linux

Good to know Garuda have Haters too. In my perspective I came across a lot of Linux distributions based on Debian and Arch. So far Garuda has been the most stable and the most newbie friendly Operating System I came across as an Arch user. its packed with everything a normal computer user needs in the installer, not only that Garuda has many flavors including a gaming edition with pre configured wine and many game emulators for a gamer to enjoy the distribution


Please, think about forum rules.


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Welcome @pokurt to The Garuda :eagle:

Yup a balanced Distro with a packed Beautiful configs

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There are still some issues I have yet to resolve since switching to Garuda but they're probably no different than if I were on another Arch distro. I had stopped using Arch rolling releases for a year or so (Due to annoying edge-cases) and then found this.

The temptation was too great. Garuda was just too sexy so I'm on it, I refuse to leave it, however still need to iron out these edge-cases. Garuda actually motivates me to want to solve them, tedious as they are.


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