I Give The Garuda Team A Gigantic Thumbs Up!

I bought a new gaming computer and after seeing winBLOWS 11 for the first time I immediately effing hated it. Windows is now complete ai spyware in my opinion. And I’m sick of it.

So I have spent the last 3 days testing and trying out Linux and different DEs and Distros.
For the past year I have been playing around and tinkering and learning Linux on my duel-booted laptop with winblows 10 and MX Linux.
I’ve learned enough to have the confidence to leave winblows completely.

I decided to start with my new Corsair gaming computer because it only has my steam and Helldivers II on it. And I only use it for playing games and watching youtube.

I originally wanted just a super clean minimal Arch Linux install.
But being how I am still a noob I was not able to get Just a simple Arch install to work properly.
So I decided to try out 3 distros. Ubunto, Manjaro, and Garuda.
Of those 3, Garuda has run my new Corsair and all the hardware in it right from the start.
My Samsung TV and sound bar are working, bluetooth, mouse keyboard and everything I have setup is working great so far.
I still have to set up my steam account and Helldivers II, Rig Headset and Stealth Ultra game controller.
So I’m hoping it will go as smoothly .

So Far…
I’m a HUGE FAN of Garuda Now. Your team has put together a Great Distro and I am grinning from ear to ear. So much so I had to take a break and setup my forum account and share my glee.

Awesome Job to the Garuda team!


You have to be lucky sometimes in life :wink: and

garuda welcome 2


Welcome to the Garuda community @82ndCowboy. :wave:


This made me so laugh I spilled my coffee. I agree with this statement.

I use Garuda over 6 months by now. And for me its a perfect distro, I would even say its a distro for gaming dummies (this is ment in a good way).

All is pre-setuped, you have options to install additional stuff via their Managers.
Auto snapshots, always possibility to rollback if something bad happens.

No forced updates (as this is an big aspect on Linux where you decide if you want something or not and unlike winBLOWS you dont get reboot during a meeting with 50 people where you lead a technical call!)

Performance, believe or not compared to winBLOWS, I actually have better performance close in all aspects of apps and games I use (even those apps that I am able to run thru Bottles perform better). This is not always the case for native windows apps, but majority of the games run just better linux + proton(wine)

Bluetooth CODECS!!! I have to mention this, I am sick by winBLOWS that there is no proper way to choose proper CODECS if you have a good BT headphones. The moment I realized I can choose the premium CODEC my headphones support I was happy with tears.


In regards of Helldivers 2, I play it on linux. And the performance is better, there are/were less crashes than when comparing my friend experience playing it on winBLOWS.

What I want to say, Linux is a strongly viable as well for us gamers. I am happy to see there are projects like Garuda, Nobara, PoPOS, that give a causual user a good experience. I run for example servers on Linux can do magic there, but desktop and games were different beast, having an easy way to entry a distro specific towards such usage is a blessing.



Thanks for the reinforcement that switching to Linux is great.
So far I’ve got my rig headset working and All I had to do was plug it in.
Helldivers II is installed and running. I had to do a lot of reading to understand the different steam apps that got launched and updated.
I was quite confused as to what to do and what I had to do to launch the game. This is my first time playing games on Linux. So Proton, wine, Steam, steam native, Steam runtime took a couple of hours to figure out.
Then I noticed the game download seemed painfully slow, only about 20-25 Mbps. So I’m going to have to read up on network speed over wifi management and configuration. When I downloaded the game in windows it took less than 5 minutes over the same computer and wifi connection. But it took almost an hour in Linux.
Well I’m off to install my controller now.
I also gotta add…
Watching youtube videos full screen on my 50" Samsung in Garuda Linux is absolutely amazing.

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Welcome aboard, there goes your fix for steam download speeds: Steam Download Speed Issue on Linux · GitHub

In case this particular one doesn’t work you can google for many more ways, it worked for my friend.

Thanks Nix.
Question though/ Does Garuda use the flatpax option?

Flatpaks are not recommended in Garuda. So, no, not using the flatpak version.
There is an explanation of the two Steam versions that Garuda uses:

Steam is the last thing you want as a flatpak since valve doesn’t even put out the package. For apps like bottles its the only real way to use it with out it getting broken due to arch being to new sometimes. But its the only app I use like that since most if not all are in the aur/chaotic an are updated right away.

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Just go with the arch way to do things, in the remote possibility that steam doesn’t work you can create an instance with lutris/bottle and wait what would be max a day for it to get fixed… like @elite said, you don’t want steam flatpak.

Just grab it all from garuda gamer. Has a gui an takes away the issues. Wine might need to be installed first before wine tricks if you get a error. I haven’t seen it in a long time but it used to be the case

*I have a synthwave theme I made so mine might be a bit darker then yours.

Yeah I found it after, when I was working on the issue.
I have had the Garudawiki, archwiki and this forum up on my laptop screen sitting beside me for the past 3 days.
I’d show you a picture but someone seems to get mad at people when they post pics in the forum.

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yeah I know.
I was confused at first because I assumed Garuda installed everything from the git go.
And then when I installed Helldivers II from steam, It seem to have reinstalled them again because after the install I then had Helldivers II, proton, steam runtime, steam native icons on my desktop.
I still don’t know why Native launches after you click on runtime. To me that doesn’t make sense if they are supposed to be different.
But I’m a noob, so… but I’m trying to learn as fast as I can. I’m only human and I can only go without sleep for 3 days at a time.

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When you run runtime it loads with them running but I’ve only ever seen it fall back to native since 2022 so i just ignore it lol

an learn things one step at a time theres no rush

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