I can't seem to load garuda-i3 WM's config


I tried Garuda i3WM in the live installation for a while and was impressed by the looks. I proceeded with the installation only to find very bare version of i3. It is did not come out ad advertised. I want the one that I played around in the live installation (the one with the nice wallpaper, cool fish prompt, custom keybindings); But, the I one I ended up having is the default i3. Like, really default. It doesn't have the keybindings and the cool wallpaper. I can't even capture the screen to give you a proof.

Also, as, I logged into the fresh installation, I was greeted with a duplicate keybinding error in i3 config file.

Any help will be appreciated.
I am going to try something out so as to fix the problem and shall share my explorations.


This Wallpaper?

I do not know about diff. live and metal version.

We cant help without text output :slight_smile: .



This issue has been resolved.

I (intentionally) did not wipe out my /home and it had basic config files like: .bashrc, .zshrc and stuff and hence, Garuda's configuration files were never applied.
I still, was not able to fix it and hence, just backed up the important stuff and did a clean install. Now, it works (I am typing this message from firefox which I opened using $mod + F1).

Thank you for your help.


You could have copied relevant Garuda default settings from /etc/skel/ (without re-installing :wink:).


This is even an option in Garuda Assistant :smiley:


Ahh, I see.
Thank you for informing me about the correct path. :slight_smile:

I actually was not able to start Garuda Assistant. (mod + d was not working).
Although, now you have pointed that, I could have ran garuda-assistant using the terminal.

Thank you for your reply. :slight_smile:

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This is another example of why non standard install methods are neither recommended nor officially supported by Garuda.

Fortunately you mentioned what you had done fairly quickly (4 hours after your OP) and no one other than @SGS (a distro developer) had wasted their time troubleshooting the problem you created during those 4 hours. You failed to mention you'd reused your old home directory, until after you'd found that was the cause of your problem. This type of information is vital and should never be withheld on any support request.

Not only did you withhold that information, your above statement is in fact quite contrary to how you'd actually installed your system. This was not a fresh installation, it was a bastardized retread using your old install. Misleading, and likely to waste enormous amounts of forum support time (if someone was actually gullible enough to assist you).

IMO an apology for wasting forum support time would be appropriate in this case. You were seemingly intimating the distro was at fault, when in fact you were the one responsible for your issue.

This leads to countless hours of wasted support time on Linux forums when users fail to provide essential background information that is key to solving the problem.

Worse yet, your above comments come off as very disparaging towards the distro, when in fact it was your own deviant install method that created your issue in the first place.

I'm glad you resolved your issue, but in the future please provide more accurate background information when requesting assistance.

Welcome to Garuda.


Sir / Mam,

I totally accept the part that I was at mistake. I did inform about the same immediately (after I figured it out) in the telegram group but, failed to do so in the Forum.

I am aware that an apology from my side won't return the lost time instead, I can promise that in future I shall lay down all the steps that have taken so as to resolve the problem faster.

Again, I shall like to say that the distribution was not at fault and it was my weird installation method that caused the trouble.

Apologies for all the inconvenience that I caused.