How to update garuda

hi im not very knowledgeable on update commands how would i be able to update garuda its self from version x to version y. and just to make sure is the update command sudo pacman -Syu ?


Hey, just

sudo pacman -Syu

Should be enough. Rolling release = you get updates continually


wait so if i was on like black eagle and i did that i would go to imperial eagle or would i have to reinstall?


Quick question, why are you using a rolling release distro if you don't know what a rolling release distro is?


i do know what a it is i just didnt know how it does updates like do i get a window that tells me if i need to update or do i have to run a different command than sudo pacman -Syu

because i know there was a kernel update so if i run sudo pacman -Syu would it update the kernel? from zen to the new one you guys chose? @dr460nf1r3

also im not on garuda yet im still on windows thats also why there is a newbies tag

@dr460nf1r3 is that a no?

Dont ping that often please..
Kernel wont get changed but the current one will be updated.
To install tkg

sudo pacman -S linux-tkg-bmq linux-tkg-bmq-headers

ok sorry for the pings

you can update everything except kernel and a couple things using

sudo pacman -Syu

In layman's terms, Arch-based distributions tend to work like this:

  • You install Release 1, then...
  • You do regular updates over time, and...
  • When an updated version, Release 2, is released...
  • You are already running it since you have been performing regular updates all along.


The regular updates you have been doing only update existing files, so...
You will have to...

  • Install any new artwork yourself, and...
  • Install any new kernels yourself (just as you normally would).

And, in some cases, where new applications come installed and operational in Version 2, you may need to install them to duplicate the new release's profile, if you want.



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Is this about system update or what ,i'm looking for how to update system when they release new version of os thanks

sudo pacman -Syu

Rolling release = you get updates continually, I do this daily 2-3 times, do it minimum once per week.




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