How to switch desktop enviroment with keys

Can someone help to switch environment with the keys.
I come from windows and in windows it was CNTRL + WIN + arrow keys.
How do you do it in garuda?


I'm assuming you mean switch virtual desktops not switch environments. Environments would be you entire desktop like PLasma, Gnome, XFCE, etc....

If that is what you mean I would assume it depends on which version of Garuda you're running and if you have already setup more than one virtual desktop.


A shot in the dark, assuming you have a KDE version, which is probably the most common.

This is why we ask for the garuda-inxi in the topic template :wink:
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These are all the shortcuts you might have been looking for you can also edit them to your preferences. These are for KDE environment and may be different for you check them in your settings --> shortcuts and search desktop in the shortcuts.
If you are using a laptop and have garuda dra460nized then you most likely have libinput set up as well and the gesture of swiping left or right with 4 fingers can change desktops as well.

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