Is it possible to have multiple desktops?

Is it possible to have multiple desktops? Not desktop Environments but just desktops in the same session. I can't seem to find it anywhere in the settings or elsewhere.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Use System Settings if you use KDE

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I got into settings >Workspace Behavior > Virtual Desktops and I added two more desktops to 'row 1'. But I am unable to find how to get to them/see/switch to them?

In System Settings, search in Shortcuts -> KWin


Or you can also add virtual desktop plasmoid(widget) to your panel, I think the widget is called pager.


Ctrl + 1, 2 ...

OMG, I mix i3wm with KDE :smiley:

Ctrl + F1

Ctrl + F2

Ctrl + F3


Solution by Naman :slight_smile:


Spend some time to learn your Desktop Environment (DE). KDE Plasma is capable of doing just about anything, but we cannot teach you every aspect of it. It would take too long. Hint: Right-click on everything. Everything.

If Plasma seems just too, too complicated and you are new(ish) to Linux, I would suggest another powerful, yet a bit less complex DE, such as Xfce.



Shortcut Description
Meta+Q / Alt+D,Alt+A Manage Activities
Meta+Tab Next Activity
Meta+Shift+Tab Previous Activity
Ctrl+F1 Switch to Desktop 1
Ctrl+F2 Switch to Desktop 2
Ctrl+F3 Switch to Desktop 3
Ctrl+F4 Switch to Desktop 4

Also, you can swipe with 4 fingers left and right, if you want to switch between them in dr460nized edition on laptop with touchpad, that supports multi finger gestures.

I hope this is what you are looking for


Thank you all for your help and information. You guys are awesome.


Something I really like (beyond the pager in my top bar) i go to Settings -> Workspaces -> Workspace Behavior -> Screen Edges. I have the bottom right corner set to Desktop Grid. This is kind of Mac like to then show you all of your Desktops and allow you to choose which to change to.

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