How to install software in Garuda kde multimedia

Hello sorry for the silly questions but I am new to the the Linux, I have used ubuntu, pop os , zorin os for 8 months, but now I shifts to Garuda kde multimedia to change the feel and afterall it is a MadeinIndia OS, I am very familiar with ubuntu software or gnome software but your store(add or remove software) is very different, it doesn't have lot of software, previously if I could not find any software I can download .Deb file and install it with gdeby. I am a student and I also need zoom meeting for my online classes. Is there any software center that I can install or any easy or semi automatic way to resolve this problem.
Is it Arch based?
Also most commonds I know was not working here, and online support is also very low.
Any response will be greatly appreciated.
Thanking You.

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