How to exit emergency mode in garuda linux

I am unable to boot my pc when i am trying to boot ut it shows "you have entered into emergency mode " pls help me our

I think that first of all you'll have to provide more information on what you did before this started to happen and possibly some more details on what else the emergency mode "says", so that someone can try to help.
As far as I can say, at a quick look into the forum, I see this could be related to grub problems or even EFI partition problems.
So, maybe you could try to start with this one:

At least check that your ESP partition is still there.
I think that also reinstalling the bootloader and updating the grub wouldn't hurt anyway.


As already stated you need to provide far more information if you wish to receive any kind of assistance.

We do not have a crystal ball. For us to be able to provide suggestions we need have some kind of idea what caused this.

Have you tried to restore your system with timeshift?

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Reinstall Garuda.

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did you delete your home folder??
because when i deleted it i also got the same issue
using garuda live enviorment perform boot repair


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