How to disable the BEEP when I logout?


When I want to restart shutdown or log out and I click Menu->Log Out I receive a fuc…ink bip all the time. I have read this post: How to desible a very loud beep and other posts on the Internet. I have applied the instruction of the first creating an xprofile. Afterwards, I have add to Session and Startup the command “xset -b off”, I have changed the .bashrc file adding the same command, I have changed the /etc/inputrc file by activating the command line “set bell-style none”, accordingly to the informations that I have found on the Internet. Nothing to do! All this doesn’t work.

The only beep that I was able to disable is the Notification beep thanks to the Notification setting.
It is IDIOT TO IMPOSE this and any other beep to the users.
The only alternative for now is to use the program’s startup and shutdown commands via the command line.

I have used for many years Arch Linux, Manjaro and EnderavourOS (this last until it has choosed KDE like the default desktop and, I think, it is paying the consequences). But, apart other problems, I haven’t found a problem so STUPID, which involves a great waste of time if you want to solve it, even if it is solvable… I appreciate Garuda both for speed and for progressive and lighter updates, at least for now… Thank you.

Sorry. I recognize my mistake regarding the tone. But I didn’t insult anyone. I was stressed because, after the first installation of Garuda, the system did not work properly. I had to reinstall it and, subsequently, for reasons that do not find their place in this post, my external hard drive --that I use for storing my documents-- was no longer readable. I got it back up and running thanks to Testdisk.
Thank you for your help or attempt to help. I will follow your instructions, but I have not found the solution. On the contrary, the problem has increased: now both Thunderbird (for the new mail) and other programs like Firefox (for the unsolved search) notify with a beep.
To imagine the frustration of the time wasted looking for the solution for a “little” problem like this, I want to quote the reflection of another person who encountered the same problem (quote from one of the posts you linked):
“I’ve used search & google, I’ve tried the old way of ‘blacklist pcspkr’ in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist, Ive tried !pcspkr !snd_pcsp in /etc/rc.conf, I’ve even tried the deprecated method of MOD_BLACKLIST=(pcspkr), and still I have the system beep driving me crazy ! At the moment I’m just using rmmod pcspkr to kill it every time I login, but I want to kill it stone dead, permanently.” (
The solution to the problem is not the same for every device and distro used. This is what I deduced from reading the posts and testing the suggestions, also for the ones I had already searched for and read for hours and the ones you linked to me.

Your tone is totally inappropriate for a support forum. All you have to do is describe the problem and explain what you have tried so far to fix it. There is no need for a multi-paragraph whinge with insults and bad language.

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They only changed the DE of the live environment. As always, the user selects the DE they want in the installer. This decision has basically no impact on users whatsoever.

From what I understand, it made a few things easier for the developers. Whatever “consequences” they are “paying” are probably very much desired ones. :smirk:

Anyway, I believe the solution to your issue is here, in what is one of the first results in a pretty lazy web search (see the last post in the thread): Beep emitted by computer when I click on "log out" / Desktop / Xfce Forums

The same solution from your former distro EndeavourOS: Is there any way to disable the *BEEP* noise from xfce? - Newbie - EndeavourOS

The same solution again from your former distro Manjaro: Manjaro XFCE disable system beep - Xfce - Manjaro Linux Forum

The same solution again from your former distro Arch Linux (including a few additional variations): (SOLVED) System Beep / Newbie Corner / Arch Linux Forums

It’s a layer eight problem. :wink:

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