How to change login wallpaper in Garuda-i3

Hi, I’m trying to rice my Garuda-i3wm installation, I’ve only been driving linux for a week or two so have mercy…

I’m having trouble finding information about this: How do I change the wallpaper/background of the login screen specifically? In this flavor of Garuda, the desktop background I have successfully changed with the ‘azote’ tool. The login screen appears to be something totally different. I did dig into the i3 config file at .config/i3/config but in writing up this post found that it doesn’t control the login screen background. Lines approximately 16-22 have:

set $lockScreenWallpaper /usr/share/wallpapers/garuda-wallpapers/Dr460nized\ Honeycomb.png

and actually just above that in the config file it does say:

- You need to specify the homescreen wallpaper using azote

which would seem to support the idea that the lockscreen wallpaper (same as login screen?) SHOULD be specified HERE.

Furthermore ‘Honeycomb.jpg’ doesn’t look at all like what the login screen wallpaper actually is when I log in. What the real login wallpaper looks like actually is in the same folder quoted above, but it is called ‘background.jpg’ and it is not mentioned anywhere in i3’s config file.

I did try anyway setting a different wallpaper using the lines above but it had no effect and I’m pretty sure that it seems like login screen wallpaper is set somewhere else, I just don’t know where.

Does anyone know where/how to set the actual login screen wallpaper (and while I’m at it, its other elements)? Thanks for any help you can provide, and I just want to say, I’ve been having fun with the OS overall!

I found this: How To Change Login Screen Wallpaper In Garuda Qtile @Rohit but it’s an older article about the qtile flavor of Garuda and the specified folder ‘sddm’ isn’t in my i3 flavor.

Also found this in the forums: Change login wallpaper | Hyprland - #2 same problem, different flavor of DE/WM and the folder doesn’t exist in i3.

Sorry I didn’t put garuda-inxi in this post but the machine in question is offline only and it’s a big hassle for this hopefully simple question.

Maybe check if this helps

Wrong. Garuda-inxi is always useful!


Doesn’t seem to be helpful though I thank you for your response. The azote documentation doesn’t mention anything about setting login wallpaper specifically . Even if it did, I have already done this, accessed the preferred wallpaper with azote, set it as wallpaper, and to all screens, and restarted after that. Login screen remains the same.

azote has nothing to do with the login wallpaper.

Sorry, if we for every post discuss if this is helpful or not we will lose our helpful users here in the forum.

To get help, this is a prerequisite here in the forum.
Not everyone may understand that, or whether garuda-inxi is helpful or not.

What’s the problem with not posting garuda-inxi?

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