How to allways see the close/minimize/maximize buttons

How to allways see the close/minimize/maximize buttons?
Im new to Arch-Linux and KDE and i hate that the close/maximize/minimize buttons are not visible when the window is maximized. I want it to be allways there.

OS: Garuda Linux

No KDE expert (!) - but look for a setting for titlebars being hidden when the window is maximized... There must be some KDE docs somewhere! :grin:


Are they hidden or are they just moved into the top panel on the left side?


Do you mean on your separate monitors? If so you need to add the appropriate panel to each monitor if I'm not mistaken.


They get pushed above the top of the window when a program is maximized. I believe it's a setting in KDE that is selected by one of the devs before the ISO is created. I asked a bit ago about the samething. Let me look through my post here to see what solution I was actually offered and worked.


Just went through my topics and nothing, so it wasn't here I asked about the setting. I'll go through the system settings and see what I changed.

Here is what happens for me on the dr460nized edition.

Not maximized:


Is this something different than what others are seeing?


When I installed Garuda when I would maximize a program or a window the close, maximize, minimize buttons would be hidden. Thought I asked here how to change that behavior, but looks like I asked somewhere else.

Could this (post and thread) help?

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I'm not seeing that top screen in system settings.

Sorry, I'm not on the system today...
What if you enter "window buttons" in the application menu search field?
Edit: I noticed only now that the first screen is available "If you have the window buttons extension running"

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Knew when I got the fix I should of made a note on it locally so I have it for myself and others.

This issue is answered multiple times in the forum.
Default Garuda dragonized (forgive my bad spelling :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) configuration uses Latte dock/panels instead of default Plasma panels (no Plasma panel exists by default).
There is a Latte Top Panel, that includes a plasmoid called Window Buttons, which (by default) is visible when there is an active maximized window, showing a clone of the respective window buttons, while it is hidden when the active window is Unmaximized.
This requires a kWin setting in $HOME/.config/kwinrc


If you want to not use this feature, you can (preferably) disable it in Latte Configuration settings, by un-ticking the relevant checkbox and re-login.
To configure how the "Window Buttons" behave, use Latte (Top) panel Edit mode and select this plasmoid settings to edit, or delete it if you don't need it.

I guess I should post this in #faq-and-tutorials :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Thanks deleting it was exactly what I did. Info save now.


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