Latte dock window buttons configuration

  • Default Garuda Dr460nized configuration uses Latte dock/panels instead of default Plasma panels (no Plasma panel exists by default).
  • There is a Latte Top Panel, that includes a plasmoid called Window Buttons, which (by default) is visible when there is an active maximized window, showing a clone of the respective window buttons, while it is hidden when the active window is Unmaximized.
  • This requires a kWin setting in $HOME/.config/kwinrc
  • If you want to not use this feature, it is prefered to disable it in Latte Configuration settings, by un-ticking the relevant checkbox and re-login.
  • To configure how the "Window Buttons" behave, use Latte (Top) panel Edit mode and select this plasmoid settings to edit, or delete it if you don't need it.