How does Garuda use bash but the shell is fish?

In a brand new Garuda install, if you open a terminal it's clearly using bash and the fetch also confirms that.

But echo $SHELL returns /bin/bash.

How is this done and what are the advantages?

No logs posted because it's more of a question than an issue. Hope that's allowed.

It's simple: the login shell is bash and fish is set via Konsole options. This keeps compatibility with applications that expect bash (eg. Flatpak), while being able to enjoy fish.


I'm using the gnome version, is it done there (and in any GUI environment) via the settings of any given terminal app?

I'm not a Gnome user, but, if I remember correctly, gnome-terminal is currently our standard.
So, the relevant shell selection could be done like here:

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Wow that's awesome!

I like the look of the new gnome console 'kgx' so I'm trying to see if there's a way to do something similar but there doesn't appear to be. The old 'gnome-terminal' doesn't have rounded corners. Plus if you use the Tiling Assistant extension to add gaps, then 'gnome-terminal' adds wonky extra space around the the bottom and I think the right side too.

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