How can I run a 32 bits application in Garuda? KeepNote does not install

How can I run a 32 bits application in Garuda?
This is my most needed and vital program.

  1. I downloaded the .deb installation package.
  2. I followed this tutorial to convert .deb to Arch package
    After the simple 2 steps conversion I got this error:

error: failed to prepare transaction (package architecture is not valid)
:: package keepnote-0.7.8_1-1-all does not have a valid architecture

I guess it is because its a 32 bits program.

I will appreciate a lot if someone can help me to install this program in Garuda. It is the best program of its kind that I have seen, all my knowledge base is in its file format.
Thanks and regards

It's in the AUR:

Just install that. :wink:


Thanks @jonathon, is safe to install from AUR repos?, as far as I understand they are not official repos.

You can check for yourself where the PKGBUILD is getting the software from. In this case:


so it's likely to be the same thing that you're trying to install already (which is also not in the official repos :wink:).


I mark-it-solved ! :slight_smile:

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It seem that is not the same, I already installed and does not open my KeepNote files I get the error:

Could not load notebook '/home/jose/O/1d/Block de Notas General'.

Any idea?

Different issue, so start a new thread. :slight_smile:

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Ok I will, thanks