How can I install python idle?

i need a help in download python idle because i need that for a project


In another thread just a few minutes ago you begged for help and you were asked to provide the terminal output of the inxi -Faz command.

You chose to ignore it.


IDLE is bundled with python and python is probably installed on your system so you dont meed to install IDLE.

Install tcl and tk packages and type “idle” in a terminal emulator to start it.

$ pacman -F idle
core/python 3.10.1-1 [installed: 3.10.1-2]
$ idle
** IDLE can't import Tkinter.
Your Python may not be configured for Tk. **
$ pacman -Si python
Repository      : core
Name            : python
Version         : 3.10.1-2
Optional Deps   : python-setuptools
                  mpdecimal: for decimal
                  xz: for lzma
                  tk: for tkinter

how to do it i dont know

inxi -Faz is a command providing your detailed system specs.
Open a terminal, enter that command, copy the results and paste them into a post (you can edit your initial post) including
before and after the copied text (for formatting reasons)

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sudo pacman -S tcl tk

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I've formatted and "generalized" your inxi into the appropriate category, to make it referenceable in the topics you want.
I've also updated your first post above to show you how to do it.

As for what to do in this topic, it's already all described above, of course.


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