How can i install nvidia driver

I have a Nvidia 940mx and i5 7th gen.
Please help I want to install latest driver.

Open Hardware Configuration and click on Auto Install Proprietary Driver.

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I have .run file I download it in nvidia official site but I couldn't download it because i need to start terminal on start. Because when something use graphic card it gives error. What should I do?

  1. Could you rephrase this part? It's beyond my understanding.
  2. Did it just after the installation happen or have you been using Garuda Linux from a while in this PC?
  3. Can you login successfully and see the the UI (Wallpaper, Application Launcher, Icons, etc.)?
  4. What did you do so that it happened?
  5. Which Desktop Environment are you using?

You Understand me wrongly I have a file for install new driver but when I start the installation it says when something Using card we can 't start the installation so I need to open terminal in start

You should NOT use this installation file in Garuda (and Archlinux), unless you are advised to do so by experienced people.

In Garuda, do as you were already advised.

Use Garuda Settings Manager.


Thx for everything

Please help but I need a real help everyone say diffrent things

System Settings -> Hardware Configuration -> Auto Install Proprietary Driver
Garuda Welcome -> Garuda Settings Manager -> Hardware Configuration -> Auto Install Proprietary Driver


I haven't got a auto install configuration button