Hi, i was wondering about this distro?


im new here.

i was wondering, i heard about this distro through ebuzz central.

i heard there are issues with updates?

i haven't installed it yet via the windows exe link to the file. but, is it safe to install.

i also heard there is video issues?

i want to know before i install it. if its safe.

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Works fine for me. Only the occasional bugs but that’s more from the packages like grub and btrfs being a dick sometimes. Haven’t noticed anything bad with updates though assuming the updated package is stable and I haven’t got any weird video issues whatever that means lol


Also welcome to the community!




Please just goto garudalinux.org and follow the instructions to install garuda there is not a windows exe file to my knowledge that will install garuda

depends on your hardware?

very safe if you keep it that way


Honestly, if I had any doubts about the security of a tool, I wouldn't go and ask the people who created it.
I mean, if there were bad intentions would we have admitted it?
This is a user forum, so everyone trusts.
Those who didn't trust have left and therefore can't answer.
The same goes for functionality, stability, performance, etc.


Maybe he will use Garuda-Downloader.


ok cool, wanted to be sure.

heard some stuff. but, sounds like thats a user issue thing.

i always like to ask questions to make sure i know what am i getting into before i use. thats good to hear.

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that might of what i meant, lol. oops.

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how to use rufus?

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thanks, glad to be here.

looking forward using th9is ocne i get it down.

now im on the rufus program.

trying to figured it out how to use it.

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If you have issues give Etcher a shot, assuming you already have the iso.


Just install Ventoy on a USB stick, copy the ISO to it like a normal file, boot with the stick, install Garuda, done.


yeah, i have the iso file ready.

i will need to get a usb flash drive one on of these days though.



Sorry, i couldn't resist!

I switched to Garuda over a year ago and I haven't looked back. The only time i use windows anymore is at work because, you know, that's how work -- works.

No issues for me with updates (except for upstream packages being broken, the nature of a rolling release system rather than a stable long term support system like Ubuntu). The devs are REALLY good at keeping abreast of what changes in packages may potentially cause issues, and mitigating them in the repository.

Love the Garuda product, and the crew that maintains. This is a great community. Also, Arch is one of the most heavily user-supported communities, largest package selection in the package manager, and any answer you want you can find here, or on the arch wiki or user repository.

Happy Linuxing!


sweet, good to know. so this distro is good to use. glad to hear positive feedback for it.

then this will be go to paltform. since now skyrim is on gog.

i be using this distro for a logntime once i get a usb flash drive.

it sounds liek this one has gain a good respect and trust which is i like to hear.

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Man Skyrim is my favourite game of all time. Make sure to play Enderal too


I've run it the whole year without any issues.

Currently there are some issues with the combination of NVidia drivers (GTX 2xxx and above?), latest Zen kernel, and HDMI output. None of which are the fault of the distro (other distros are affected). There are apparently a series of issues. If you have that specific configuration, it could be good to wait a little bit for the issues to get sorted out.


i check that one out.

once i get this installed.

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i see. so perhaps its compatability with the drivers.

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Apparently a new Zen kernel has been released today to fix some of the issues.

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