Help with clearing the search history in the system

I have installed the program on garuda linux. After installation, I deleted the archive and some unnecessary files.
But, after that, for some reason, these files are displayed in the search, I use the OS for the first day, I ask for help





Read in Garuda wiki
Reporting bugs
How to search
and post
inxi -Faz
as text.
I move it to unsupported software, next time to didn't seach before open help topic.
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installed packet tracer 8.0.0.
Deleted the downloaded archive and unpacking results.

Now, after deleting, the files that I deleted appear in the search for the main menu, and when I click on them, the file or the folder does not exist.

I would like to prevent the files I have already deleted from appearing in this search.

I apologize, but I cannot attach screenshots since I just signed up.

Nobody says/wrote or want screenshots!
And post

inxi -Faz

as text please.

Without inxi IDK what DE you use, I have no search in main menu in i3wm as example.

That is normal, no files, no action.

BTW, packettracer in the AUR is 8.0-2, you must build it.
How you install?

Maybe you must ask Cisco?

Can you imagine how tiring it is to have to ask for every detail, if possible from hundreds of users?

So again my request, read

and post

inxi -Fza

as text!

Even if you personally think it is unnecessary.


Hi there, welcome to the forums.

As you are not giving inxi, as already asked by @ SGS, I guess you are on dr460nized. See


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