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xrandr --addmode VGA-0 "2000x1125_60.00"

X Error of failed request: BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes)
Major opcode of failed request: 140 (RANDR)
Minor opcode of failed request: 18 (RRAddOutputMode)
Serial number of failed request: 33
Current serial number in output stream: 34

help please..

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U can't just directly make any mode u need to give specific values generated from CVT use the instructions below or refer this

You will have to replace ur the stuff below with resolution u want and for the display u want hope u can do that?

cvt 1600 900

This will create modeline for resolution of 1600x900 which will look something like this:

1600x900 59.95 Hz (CVT 1.44M9) hsync: 55.99 kHz; pclk: 118.25 MHz
Modeline "1600x900_60.00" 118.25 1600 1696 1856 2112 900 903 908 934 -hsync +vsync

These numbers may vary according to your monitor.

  1. To add this resolution to monitor settings, type the following highlighted commands one by one:
xrandr --newmode "1600x900_60.00" 118.25 1600 1696 1856 2112 900 903 908 934 -hsync +vsync

(values after xrandr --newmode to be pasted from second line of generated values with cvt command from your own computer, don't copy from here. In other words, after writing xrandr --newmode in terminal, copy the output of cvt command from its second line excluding word Modeline upto its end and paste it after xrandr --addmode. )

xrandr --addmode VGA1 "1600x900_60.00"

After these steps, resolution of 1600x900 will appear under the list of various resolutions available in display settings. This will remain listed for one session only. When computer is restarted, this will disappear. To make it appear permanently, we need to configure xorg.conf file and make this entry manually


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Please refer to this i am unable to find the link to the one of garuda linux but its nearly the same. Also please include the output of

inxi -Faz

in whatever issue you ask


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and post terminal in- and output from

inxi -Fza

as text!

Even if you personally think it is unnecessary.