Hello, thinking of moving from Mint

Mint has been extremely frustrating on my new gaming rig with a 4070 super, RT works but DLSS is borked beyond belief. Hoping Garuda is a better experience for gaming with a 4070 super.

Please let me know

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Welcome :slight_smile:

Hi there :slight_smile:
im brand new here.
I’ve been using Linux Mint about a week and getting very frustrated with the issues around using DLSS… it just won’t work. and when i try to install new drivers or a new kernal, twice now the distro has not booted after an update.
So might replace mint with Garuda.

Was coming on here to ask how hard / easy it is to distro hop?
can I just install a new distro replacing the old one?


Sorry the original message aimed at the wrong reply.

I originally posted this under the wrong post and couldn’t find a way to delete it.

I have a 4070 Super and the Linux Nivida-dkms proprietary drivers aren’t out for it yet. What I did was install the Linux Beta drivers from the Nvidia site and they work fantastic. I get Ray Tracing and DLSS. The downside is when a kernel update happens it will probably break the drivers. This will probably work on Mint as well, but I absolutely love Garuda KDE Dr460nized gaming version and prefer it over Mint. I wouldn’t switch to Garuda just for DLSS since the drivers referencing the “Super” series will eventfully make it to the Linux world as a whole but I would recommend it on a Distro vs Distro basis.

You should abandon this approach if you want to use Garuda Linux, or any Arch-based distro, or probably any rolling release distro period because your Nvidia driver will be constantly broken.

The driver you are using is available in the AUR anyway, as well as a DKMS version.

❯ paru -Ss nvidia-beta
aur/nvidia-beta-dkms 550.40.07-2 [+59 ~2.64]
    NVIDIA driver sources for linux (beta version)
aur/lib32-opencl-nvidia-beta 550.40.07-1 [+147 ~2.54]
    OpenCL implemention for NVIDIA (32-bit, beta version)
aur/opencl-nvidia-beta 550.40.07-1 [+341 ~1.78]
    OpenCL implemention for NVIDIA (beta version)
aur/nvidia-beta 550.40.07-1 [+349 ~0.86]
    NVIDIA drivers for Arch's official 'linux' package (beta version)

Using this would be preferable to using the one from the Nvidia website because it can be updated along with the rest of your system.


I agree. I would always want the DKMS version and was only using the one from the Nvidia site until it shows up as a non-beta driver. What makes it worse is I’m not sure how to install the beta DKMS version from the AUR. Time for me to do some research.

An easy way to install AUR packages is with an AUR helper like Paru. For example:

paru -S nvidia-beta-dkms

Paru will show you the PKGBUILD to review before proceeding with the installation. Press Q to exit the PKGBUILD when you are finished reviewing it.

You can also update your AUR packages along with your regular ones if you wish by passing the -a flag when you update.

garuda-update -a

Thank you for your help. The install worked since it recognized my card as a “Super” but the performance is nowhere near the performance of the drivers straight from Nvidia. I’m going to play around with this and see what I have. Once again, thank you for educating me.

Be prepared to be self-solving & self-supporting, then. :wink:

Arch & Arch-based like Garuda are not Ubuntu, Debian, etc. That requires you to learn something(s) new. Are you up to it? :smiley:


I also have nvidia driver version 550.40.07 - I can activate DLSS up scaling in games - but frame generation is not available.

It claims that GPU Hardware Acceleration is not enabled - but i can’t figure out how to enable this as I already have the GPU settings in performance mode.

Then I would suggest doing a thorough forum search. Things like this rarely happen in a vacuum.

nVidia is well-known here. :smiley:

For now please give us the required terminal output of garuda-inxi

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Check the three dots.

At first I thought you were being condescending but I probably read it wrong. I also think you have a point. Arch is a different animal but when you get to be my age, you discover learning is the only real thing people have that no one can take away.

I also made a mistake telling the OP to install the Nvidia proprietary drivers. Until I learn a lot more, I have no business giving anyone advice. My mistake.

I’ve been playing with Garuda on and off for a while now and usually find the solutions to any issue by research and sometimes, just hitting it with a hammer. It’s only recently I came to the forums and I’ve learned more in this thread than how to install AUR packages. I have a lot more to learn and to me it’s just a fun game.

As for the Nvidia beta-drivers in the AUR, they are not the same quality as the drivers from Nvidia. The Nvidia beta drivers are rock solid while these need some work and unless you freeze your system … which defeats the purpose of an Arch based distro … the static drivers are just a problem waiting to explode. Thanks for the help. Time to play some more.

He would might have crossed through your age a long time ago :slightly_smiling_face:


Maybe. I just turned 68.


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but you’re only as old as you feel :wink:

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72 inna couple months. Been using Linux in various flavors for a bit over 1/3rd of that.

And the most valuable tool found (so far) is…


But my friends here have an adjunct tool that helps us help you and they made it the first thing someone posting for help sees, the request for the terminal output of garuda-inxi and instructions on how to do so.

At our age, @Synitar you know how important it is to read the instructions–at least my doctors say so when it comes to all my damn prescriptions–so I know you’ll understand what I’m prescribing for you, and that is to lean on these folks and all the help they can give you but, at the same time, please help us to help you.

With all sincerity. :slight_smile: