ETA on new nvidia-dkms driver for the Super series

I bought the Nvidia RTX 4070 Super. My system ran fine with the RTX 3060 12G card. When I replaced the card the system didn’t pick it up, most likely because the drivers don’t recognize the “Super” version yet. Also, I installed my RTX 2060 to make sure it wasn’t some weird software or configuration issue and it worked just fine. Plopped the 4070 Super back in again and it wasn’t recognized as anything but a generic Nidia card. The 3060 12G is still working.

I’ve tried searching for a possible release date but found nothing. Does anyone have a clue as to when the new nvidia-dkms drivers that support the “Super” series will be released? Thank you in advance!

That’s a question for the nvidia-dkms developer/s.

Btw, please, always post the garuda-inxi.

Did you try to reinstall the nvidia driver?
Did you try in terminal

sudo nvidia-settings



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