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Good afternoon all,
I am relatively new to Linux and very excited to dig into it. Originally I was a windows fan including all releases starting from win 3.1. However, I dislike windows 11 since it lost a lot of features that I like. Anyway, I like computers and was always fascinated by Linux. Way back when I was in university I used as simple user open Suse.
Recently I found a new passion in single board computers starting with a raspberry pi 4. I installed Debian and modified it as good as I can even with a plasma environment. I realized that Linux became so much better. After I had a friend helping me to install Debian sid on my old desktop which is now my media computer and I thought I will stick with Debian. I started to read about Linux and distros and became so fascinated of all the options. I especially like the functions of Arch but as a new user I want to try an Arch based distro. I found garuda and loved it immediately. It seems it can give me high performance, beautiful tweaked desktop and easy usability. I bought a Lenovo Yoga 14c with a Ryzen 7 6800u which I would like to be my Linux laptop. I am still not comfortable to get totally rid of windows yet but I will try to be able to master Linux so that it will be only a question of time.

I already tried garuda and it makes a great impression but as expected I am facing many issues and might need your expertise later to solve it. First the built in keyboard did not work. I am reading that the chip is too new and I need to wait for kernel 6. So I keep playing around to see the functions. Unfortunately I also do not get the dual boot screen. I had it in the very beginning but when I killed the system and needed to recover windows and reinstall garuda it never showed up again. I always have to boot from live CD and choose Efi options to get into the dual boot window.
Anyway, this is it for now and I am happy to start playing around

See you in the future




Thank you for your quick replays. Since the computer is new there is no issue with any data. I will try your tutorial. I also generated already a rescue disk for the windows system. My system is also Efi boot system. I actually cab see the files from garuda. Is there a way that once it works that I kind of clone the Efi partition and in case windows screws it lust flash it back?

Hello! Linux 6.0 release candidates are available in the AUR. Try

sudo pacman -S linux-mainline

If it doesn’t work, install it from AUR.

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I would suggest to install something like linux-bore or linux-xanmod, which already has kernel 6.0 and ought to give good experience, and you wouldn’t need to build it from aur, just run this in the terminal:
sudo pacman -S linux-bore linux-bore-headers