Gui colors, animation not working

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Hi friend, Gui colors, animation not working

Please help me.

Welcome :slight_smile:
Please have a look at

And add missing Information so we can troubleshoot :slight_smile:


Welcome aboard. That said @dr460nf1r3 is right more information would be helpful.

From your image though and your statement Compositor is off. Find a blank spot on your desktop and start typing compositor. click on it in KRunner once you see it. You should see a large box on the right, click to reenable. You may have to toggle the allow applications to block compositing checkbox to get the apply button to ungray so you can press it after reenabling your compositor.


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That kind of sounds like kernel issue. However, failing hardware will cause exactly that type of behavior as well.


Btw, did you try turning on compositor?


This and possibly several others probably suffer from the chaotic-aur repo shortage.


@petsam if you're going to move my post to a separate topic at least link to it here, since they are the same issue and have nothing to do with the Chaotic server issue. Thanbks

Problems and questions with KDE compositor

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